About Gear Odds

Gear Odds Co. Ltd. is a global digital media company, that creates and publish contents for outdoorsmen and women. The company founded in 2019, with a team of content writers.

Gear Odds’s mission is to help people enjoy outdoor activities, such as nature-lover, camper, hiker, traveler, hunter, wildlife viewer and give sources of the most interesting outdoor gear through the contents, as well as how-to-use instructions for beginners.

The company run by a couple of enthusiasts and passionate individuals who have one aim – to deliver quality and helpful content to you aka the reader. As a hard-core traveler and hiker, the company founder made lots of product to build a own brand ‘Gear Odds“, this is just for hobby. Some products of this company:

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Matthew Koch
Matthew Koch
CEO & Columnist

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Matthew Koch and I work as a chief executive officer & columnist at Gear Odds. So, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and how this website came to be.

Moreover, I have a background in computer science, but besides my studies, I think of myself as a very passionate blogger. That drive challenged me to go and explore the world to see some of the most beautiful places this world has to offer. During my travels, I had plenty of time to meet new people, collect stories, guides, reviews, and experience life in a whole different light. This helped me to further hone my skills as well as ability.

Having said that, you can expect to find diverse content delivered by me and my team. As I previously mentioned, we don’t want to make you feel average or mediocre after you leave this side. On the contrary, the information and posts you’ll take a look at are useful and brought to you as a result of thorough research as well as personal experiences. All of that will help you get the information you need as fast as possible and as concise and understandable.

Thank you for visiting this website and we hope you enjoy and have fun while browsing as much as we had while preparing it!

What You Will Find

Here at Gear Odds, you can encounter content that’s mainly how-to posts, guides, reviews, and such with the target to help you make an informed decision that would be best for you at the moment regarding a product or service.

Besides that, this site will hopefully help you in numerous ways even after you make the purchase and make the most of what you bought.

What You Will Understand after Reading Our Product Reviews

  • Features as well as pros and cons of a certain product
  • Opinions and thoughts of actual and real customers
  • Background and additional information regarding the manufacturer and its brand
  • FAQs and answers
  • Comparisons and contrasts to similar products and competition

After Reading the How-Tos and Reviews, You’ll Be Able to

  • Understand the names and terms which are used by numerous companies
  • Evaluate the pluses and the minuses a product offers
  • Use the product you’ve bought to the fullest

The team behind Gear Odds makes sure to publish certain product reviews which are tested by our team, but we also invite you – the reader – to chime in with your comments and thoughts.

Furthermore, the information tends to be factual, but at the end of the day, the data is personal opinions regarding a product and its specifics about how the reviewer feels about it and whether it successfully satisfies the needs of the customer and so on. We strongly believe that the data you’ll find here will help you greatly on the path to making the final decision about a product. Learn more about the outdoor gear sources coming from on disclaimer.