5 Best Game Trail Cameras That Will Blow Your Mind

For when we cannot be in the field, a dependable game trail camera is needed. Trail camera are an excellent tool for us to help spot animal tracks and private properties such as farms and ranches. This way, we can seize the moment while we are not around to take it.

The camera are attached to trees or poles in key spots for remote capturing of activity, including the location and time the animal was captured. This is to provide detailed information about human predation that can help biologists track down poachers or other predators.

Here is a rundown of the 5 best game trail cameras includes models with different features and prices so you can choose the perfect one that meets your needs and budget.

best game trail cameras

A Quick Rundown

The 5 Best Game Trail Cameras

1. XTU WiFi Game Trail Cameras

The camera is ideal for hunters who want to see large animals such as deer or elk on tape such as at night or during the early morning hours.

XTU WiFi Trail Cam is built-in WIFI function and can be set up with no human interaction. You can adjust settings and check the photos or videos directly with your mobile phone without having to go to the trail camera’s position. You can upgrade your hunting game experience using these trail cameras that send pictures to your phone.

This trail camera captures high resolution images up to 24MP, and video with resolution of up to 1296P. A lot of expensive cameras cannot go beyond 720P, so this is great for those who are looking for high quality images that show more detail in animal’s activity details at night time.

The IR Night Vision is excellent as well, 35 LED lights provide infrared light at 850nm wavelength, which gives a better night vision effect than regular lights.

It is very easy to install and use. The camera has a self-installation mount and tripod head, and the camera is waterproof and shockproof down to IP65 standard. You will not need an expert to set it up, and it is much more convenient than what you would find with other cameras that require extra tools or skills to install.


  • 24MP Image & 1296P FHD Video
  • Night Vision 35pcs 850nm infrared
  • 120° Wide Angle Lens
  • 32GB SD Card Included


  • The camera’s trigger speed is average, especially during the day. It only takes about 0.4 seconds, but other models can get to 0.3 or even faster.

2. BlazeVideo 2-Pack Game Trail Deer Cameras

The BlazeVideo Game Trail Deer Cameras quality of the videos and pictures taken is excellent and the duration of the battery life in standby mode is impressive.

Also it’s perfect for hunters who are looking for quality deer hunting images and videos, as well as best trail cameras for deer hunting. The 24MP camera allows you to take good pictures and you will be able to capture the smallest of details.

This is the cameras for those people who like to keep track of their deer as they migrate through the woods. The invisible flash (No Glow) system will allow you to take clear and crisp images in low light conditions. And the headlamps function allows you to take clear and crisp videos at night. Best fit for deer hunters and bird watchers alike, this product is very durable and will withstand most weather conditions and hunting situations.

This camera is equipped with a motion sensor that will automatically start recording when it detects movement at a distance of up to 75 feet. This camera is capable of recording videos in 20fps if needed. If you are using this camera for deer hunting, then the motion sensor is perfect because it will catch all of the deer that are passing by on your property.


  • High quality image, real time video recording
  • Good night vision, no glow flash
  • Excellent customer service, easy to use
  • Fast 0.3s trigger speed


  • SDHC SD card and Batteries are not included, so price range will be increase

3. Dsoon Game WiFi Trail Camera

This camera is built to withstand rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions with a 1 Year standby time. When the choice comes down to saving your memories or losing your camera to the elements, you can trust that Dsoon has you covered.

With 110° detection angle and 80ft detection distance allows you to get excellent broader view and it’s built-in optimized sensors for the ultimate quality in image size and clarity that offers 3840×2160 pixels video and 6480*4860 photo in day or night mode.

This stunning hunting camera with Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity is designed specifically for wildlife photography & videography offering ultra fast trigger speed of 0.2s ensures you never miss fast moving game. Using 1 set of alkaline batteries you can take up to 60,000 photos until the next season; this game camera compatible with iOS, Android, iPad, Tablet accept up to 512G Micro SD card.



  • Some reviewers complaint it doesn’t work with iOS & Mac

4. ECOVOX Hunting Game Camera

ECOVOX hunting game cam is a 4k and No Glow trail camera that captures high-quality pictures and exciting videos during day and night. The camera’s 2.4 inch color LCD screen allows you to easily know where the camera is pointed exactly. It also features WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy for hunting enthusiasts to view live photos and videos, using free “Game Camera Pro” app on their phone or tablet.

The camera is also built-in with motion detection, which will trigger the camera to take a picture when it detects motion. And if you want to get even more exciting, the camera has 3 PIR sensor that allows you to observe 120 degrees of detection zone.

The trigger range of this hunting game camera is up to 65 ft (20m), ensuring you won’t miss fast moving game. It’s also equipped with 42pcs 940nm infrared LEDs, making it easy to capture high-quality pictures even at night. The best part of this hunting game camera is that it’s weatherproof, which means that the camera will stay in good condition even in dusty or heavy rain.


  • 42pcs 940nm infrared no glow LEDs
  • Perfect for hunting and wildlife monitoring
  • Ultra fast 0.2s trigger speeds


  • U3 SD Card & 8*1.5V Alkaline AA LR6 batteries are not included, which recommended by seller.

5. Ctronics WiFi Game Hunting Cameras

As a user with a range of single lens trail cameras with different purposes, the Ctronics WiFi Game Hunting Camera has an enormous advantage over other similar models. This is especially true with its superior motion-activated sensor that allows it to be triggered instantly in 0.2s when detecting movements and its double 850nm infrared light that provides a huge range for effective picture capturing.

More importantly, this device can remotely controlled when connected to one’s phone or computer via wireless wifi connection within 98ft range limit from the camera. As such, this hunting camera is highly recommended for people who are searching for a best trail game camera with added features at affordable price point.

Built with high-quality HD video streaming technology, this surveillance camera provides 1296p hd video with true to life detail. And if you can’t be there in person, you can always check out what you missed on the free “Trail Cam” app for iOS and Android devices. Just download it for free, create an account and connect to your camera. You’ll be able to see what’s happening right away.

The Ctronics WiFi trail camera is also made with motion activated recording. This means that you won’t have to spend time watching hours of nothing just to catch a few minutes of footage. The camera will only record when something moves in the room, meaning you can save time and storage space on your device.

Security cameras can be tricky. People usually want a camera that is able to stream live video, but this isn’t always what they need. The Ctronics WiFi hunting camera has the perfect balance of features and price. This camera does everything it needs to do and nothing more. The quality of the footage is clear and it does not require a lot of storage space.


  • 0.2s fast trigger speed
  • Suitable for hunting and wildlife monitoring
  • Ctronics offer lifetime tech-support and one year warranty
  • 4K vivid video and 20MP clear images
  • 120° wide angle detection range


  • Someone complaint the device is very difficult to setup using the APP

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Game Trail Cameras

Silent Shutter Technology

Stealth is the name of the game when it comes to game cameras, and if your camera isn’t silent, you’re just asking for trouble. The best cameras have just enough stealth to still get the job done.

Sound Based Detection Technology

This technology is becoming more and more advanced, giving you options for how you want to detect whatever is under the camera. Maybe you’re only interested in big game? Or maybe you’re interested in picking off small game close up? Whatever your needs are, there’s probably a camera out there that can help you do it.

Video Capability

While trail camera aren’t exactly meant to be video cameras, you might be surprised at the quality of pictures that some of these cameras can take. Since batteries can drain pretty fast with constant video recording, it’s best to only use the video feature if you need it. Otherwise you might find your batteries don’t last as long as you’d like.


Trail camera are often left in the wild for weeks or months at a time. It’s important that your camera is able to survive this time, especially if it’s left in the woods of Canada. If you’re going for one of the more expensive models, make sure you get something with plenty of durability.

On/Off Timer

A lot of trail cameras let you program them to turn on and off at certain times during the day. This can be an extremely useful feature, especially if you’re using the camera for multiple purposes. If you want to get shots of one group of animals, but avoid another group, this is your best bet.

Flash range

This will dictate how far you can set up your trail camera. If you’re setting the camera up for a purpose that requires a wide view, then it’s essential that you get one with enough flash range to cover that distance.

Picture and Video Quality

Of course you’ll want to get a camera that takes the best pictures and videos possible. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to picking a trail cam.

Night vision

If your camera can see in the dark, you get a lot more bang for your buck. If you’re looking to catch nighttime shots, this is one feature you can’t afford to pass up.

Battery Life

Trail camera can be a bit power hungry, especially when you’re dealing with a higher end model. Make sure you get one with a long battery life. Some even offer solar-charged batteries for longer use, also you can use rechargeable batteries to save your bucks.

There are hundreds of features out there, and chances are your camera will have a handful of them. Take some time to flip through the manual and see what all your camera does before setting it up in the field.

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As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to pick a game trail camera. They’re useful for a wide range of purposes and offer some pretty cool features like motion detection and solar-charged batteries. If you’re ready to pick one up, make sure you shop around and compare prices. You might find that your hunting needs change after all, and that the options out there will give you what you need. In the end, you might be identify which trail cameras are best fit for your jobs!

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