11 Best Hiking Boots for Kilimanjaro – Top Picks & Reviews

Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular destinations in Africa, and for good reason. It’s a stunning mountain that provides plenty of hiking opportunities and incredible views along its summit.

Hiking boots are essential for exploring Kilimanjaro’s trails and terrain, but which is the right boots for hiking?

In this guide we’ll help you pick out the best hiking boots for Kilimanjaro so that you have the highest chance of enjoying your trip!

Top 3 Picks For Kilimanjaro

Best Overall
Asolo Men's TPS 520 GV EVO Long Distance, Backpacking, Trekking, Technical Terrian Hiking Boots (Black, 8)
Best Value
KEEN Women's-Ridge Flex Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boots, Timberwolf/Brick Dust, 8
Editor Pick
Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Sepia/Sepia,10.5 M US
Asolo TPS 520 GV
KEEN Women's Ridge Flex
Lowa Men's Renegade GTX
$109.90 - $325.10
Best Overall
Asolo Men's TPS 520 GV EVO Long Distance, Backpacking, Trekking, Technical Terrian Hiking Boots (Black, 8)
Asolo TPS 520 GV
Where you can get
Best Value
KEEN Women's-Ridge Flex Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boots, Timberwolf/Brick Dust, 8
KEEN Women's Ridge Flex
$109.90 - $325.10
Where you can get
Editor Pick
Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Sepia/Sepia,10.5 M US
Lowa Men's Renegade GTX
Where you can get

Where is Kilimanjaro located?

Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, at the heart of Africa. It is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the tallest freestanding mountains on earth.

It stands 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) above sea level and can be seen from neighboring Kenya as well as from many parts of Tanzania.

The 11 Best Hiking Boots for Kilimanjaro

1. Asolo TPS 520 GV Boot

Key Features: The Asolo TPS 520 GV is a great hiking boots for Kilimanjaro that designed with synthetic sole and it’s waterproof. The Boot is a rugged, waterproof hiking boot built for all-day wear and comfort. This model features an all-leather upper that provides exceptional breathability and comfort in hot weather, as well as waterproof protection from rain or snow. The Gore-Tex lining adds another layer of protection from moisture and water buildup inside the boots—great for keeping you dry on your Kilimanjaro climb!

The synthetic sole offers traction underfoot while also providing flexibility for more agile movement on steep terrain or over rough terrain. It’s easy to slip into these boots thanks to its lace up design with integrated tongue seals so they stay secure at all times during your hike (or run). Also read: Best camera for hiking Kilimanjaro

2. Zamberlan Men’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

Key Features: The Zamberlan Men’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot is a waterproof boot that features a leather sole, shaft measures approximately Mid-Calf from arch, HydroBloc Full Grain Leather and Vibram 3D Outsole. It also has TEX membrane can be bonded to different materials.

Zamberlan’s special construction and design method, combined with the best components to optimize comfort and breathability. Boots crafted accordingly are extremely light weight while providing great lateral support.

Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT is a good choice for a trek to Kilimanjaro. The boot has a Gore-Tex lining, which makes it waterproof, breathable and durable. It also features an adjustable buckle closure system that allows you to customize your fit depending on the type of activity you’re doing or where you’re going in your hike.

This hiking boot comes in sizes 6-12 so it can accommodate many feet comfortably even if they are not average or large sized!

3. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

Key Features: Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX is a boot that can be used for long hikes. The shaft measures approximately 5 inches from arch and the width of the toe box is wide. This will allow you to walk in comfort even on steep terrain or for long periods of time.

The heel measures approximately 1.75 inches, which makes it a good choice if you want some extra support when walking uphill or downhill at high speeds (like if you were going on an ascent). It also has a platform that comes up to 1 inch high, ensuring that your feet stay warm during cold weather conditions such as Kilimanjaro’s mountain ranges where temperatures can get as low as -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) during winter months when rainfall is common throughout Tanzania’s highest peak Himeji Peak which reaches 19,341ft above sea level!

Overall this boot has been designed with breathable materials so they won’t sweat too much while wearing them throughout their entire lifespan thanks to polyurethane sole inserts molded into each boots footbed cushioning system; however don’t forget about how comfortable they’ll feel once taken off before bedtime.

Learn more about winter hiking boots.

4. Salomon Men’s Quest 4 GTX Hiking Boot

Key Features: Salomon Men’s Quest 4 GTX Hiking Boot is made in the USA, and it has a rubber sole that allows you to walk on any surface. The shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch, while the boot opening measures approximately 10.5 inches around! This makes these boots great for heavy hiking and backpacking adventures (since they’re waterproof).

The Quest 4 is designed for long expeditions and tough conditions like those found on Kilimanjaro. It features grippy soles that provide support for your feet as well as providing protection against sharp rock edges or other obstacles along your path. These boots also have plenty of room inside them so that you can move freely while wearing them in order to keep yourself comfortable during long expeditions into unfamiliar territory.

5. ECCO Men’s Exohike High Gore-tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

Key Features: ECCO Men’s Exohike High Gore-tex Waterproof Hiking Boot is a rugged and weatherproof boot that will keep your feet dry no matter the conditions. The shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch, so you have plenty of room to move around comfortably in this boot.

The GORE-TEX Technology ensures a breathable, 100% waterproof boot built for trail running or hiking on wet terrain. It’s also good for trail running because it has been designed with a Yolk leather upper that provides an airy feel as well as providing optimal comfort for any type of activity you may want to do in them (like hiking).

The Prosoma heel cap ensures your feet slip into place and are offered all the support they need when walking through uneven ground; this means less risk of blisters! If there is any chance at all that rain will come down while climbing Kilimanjaro then make sure these boots get packed up before setting off – they’ll keep your feet nice and dry while making sure none gets stuck inside!

6. La Sportiva Womens Mid GTX Wide Hiking Boots

Key Features: If you’re looking for a hiking boot that is protective and supportive, the La Sportiva Womens Mid GTX Wide Hiking Boots are your best bet. This women’s specific boot has been designed to support light to medium loads while also providing excellent protection against trail elements. The Gore Tex waterproof/breathable lining and microfiber mud guard adds extra protection from mud and debris on the trail.

The innovative lacing system distributes tension evenly throughout this boot so it fits perfectly to your foot every time you put it on! It also features Comfort collar adds ankle protection with an easy-fit spoiler that protects against blisters or rubbing from sharp rocks underneath your heel area (and keeps them comfortable). The reinforced heel cup ensures there’s no slipping out of these boots when climbing mountains or uneven terrain like sand dunes which can cause discomfort during long hikes through hot desert environments where temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months.

7. KEEN Men’s Targhee III Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot

Key Features: KEEN Targhee III Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot is a great all-around boot. It’s made with 100% Leather and synthetic materials, making it durable but also breathable and comfortable. The KEEN dry waterproof, breathable membrane keeps your feet dry while you’re hiking through water or mud.

The Targhee III has an excellent fit for most people due to its mid-foot height (5 inches). It has a good amount of padding in the heel area that can help reduce foot fatigue on long hikes or days spent walking around town in these boots as well!

This model also comes with KEEN All-Terrain rubber outsole that provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces like ice and snow—as well as rocky terrain—so you don’t have to worry about slipping off those inclines! Plus, non-marking rubber outsoles make this boot perfect for casual wear too!

8. ROCKROOSTER Newland Waterproof Hiking Boots

Key Features: You will love these boots for their superior quality, comfort, and style. They are made from 100% leather and have a rubber sole. The shaft measures 4 inches from arch and they weigh 20 ounces per boot, which makes them lightweight.

They are attached with an elastic piece of material on the heel so that you can adjust the fit to your feet easily. Their soft mesh design provides maximum breathability while providing moisture-wicking properties in order to keep your feet dry even during rainy days when hiking up Kilimanjaro Mountain Range in Tanzania!

The lining is made of HYDROGUARD advanced waterproof material that keeps water out while allowing moisture vapor to pass through so that sweat doesn’t build up inside these hiking boots. This ensures that there’s no need to worry about getting wet while trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro because everyone will be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about getting soaked by rainwater after coming down again at nightfall.

9. KEEN Women’s Ridge Flex Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Key Features: The Keens are one of the most comfortable hiking boots on Kilimanjaro. They’re lightweight, have a rubber sole and an opening that measures approximately 5.5 inches around. You’ll be able to wear these boots for any weather condition or terrain you encounter during your hike up Kilimanjaro!

The KEEN DRY waterproof and breathable membrane keeps your feet dry at all times in wet environments, like rain or snowfall—or even just standing on wet grass for long periods of time! This is especially important when hiking up Kilimanjaro because it can get very muddy after heavy rainfall at some parts during your journey through Tanzania’s National Park (Tanzania National Park).

KEEN uses PFC-free water repellency technology so they don’t need to use any chemicals on their fabrics which means they’re better for our planet too!

10. Asolo Men’s Falcon GV Hiking Boot

Key Features: Asolo is a brand that has been around for a long time, and they specially make boots for hiking. The Asolo Falcon GV Hiking Boot is one of those boots.

The Falcon GV features rubber soles, Gore-Tex lining with a Vibram outsole, and an Asolo’s Radiant sole specifically designed for trekking enthusiasts. This non-insulated safeguard is best suited for moderate to warm climates (but still great in cool conditions). The mid-cut design provides superior ankle protection while the high tenacity nylon panels are abrasion resistant and help maintain a breathable environment during your hike on Kilimanjaro.

GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Footwear technology offers waterproof protection from harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow during your climb up Kilimanjaro mountain range!

This non-insulated safeguard is best suited for moderate temperatures ranging from freezing point down to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night when temperatures drop below freezing point due to being exposed all day without any breaks except maybe lunchtime, which isn’t often enough time between meals, so you need something sturdy enough yet lightweight enough, not too heavy but still durable enough where it won’t break easily if dropped unexpectedly from height.

11. KEEN Men’s Ridge Flex Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot

Key Features: This boot is made in the USA, so you can be sure that it’s built to last. It’s also water-resistant and breathable, making it great for walking on wet surfaces. The rubber sole provides high traction and helps protect your feet from mud or slippery ground as you walk through fields and forests.

The shaft measures approximately Calf High from arch (the measurement between your ankle and foot), which makes it ideal for people who have shorter legs or who prefer a shorter height boots (such as those with narrow heels). However, if you’re looking for something more comfortable or stylish on longer hikes, there are other options available—these boots have an average heel height of 2 inches!

The boot opening measures approximately 4½ around at its widest point; however, KEEN uses premium leather construction methods that provide a snugger fit than most manufacturers’ boots do because they use different types of materials throughout their production process.

Guide to choose your right hiking boots for Kilimanjaro

In order to achieve your dream of climbing Kilimanjaro there are a few things to consider, as follows:


The most obvious choice when choosing the material of a hiking boot is leather. Leather hiking boots are usually the most expensive, but the material is comfortable and durable. The downside is they are heavy and bulkier than other types of boot.

Synthetic hiking boots or technical hiking boots have become more popular in recent years because they use a synthetic fabric instead of leather. The advantage is they are lightweight and breathable. However, synthetic fabric doesn’t last as long and is not as durable as leather.

Finally, a fabric blend is a mix of both leather and synthetic materials. This allows you to get the best of both worlds, durability and light weight.

Toe caps

The toe cap of a hiking boot is used to protect your toes when walking downhill and providing extra support. Most boots have a low toe cap, which is great for hiking and backpacking, but it provides less ankle support when walking on uneven ground.

As an alternative look for big toe boots that have a high toe cap. It provides more ankle support while still being comfortable enough to wear all day. Alternatively, look for boots that have a mid/high toe cap.

Flexible plastic or rubber toe caps are the most common type of toe cap sold with hiking boots. They prevent the toes from getting injured during rough terrain such as rocks and sharp tree roots. Toe caps sometimes come in extra thick styles that offer more protection than standard thicknesses.


This is a crucial aspect of the functionality of hiking boots. The lining determines how warm your feet are while on the trail. And this is very important for Kilimanjaro because the temperature drops to below freezing at night. The more insulation your boots have the warmer they will be.

But don’t get confused by ankle boot style hiking boots that look like they provide good insulation, but in reality offer little warmth. This is because these boots are just ankle length and don’t cover the entire foot, resulting in cold toes. You want full length hiking boots that cover your ankles; this way you can keep your feet warm for a long time.

Ankle support

This is the area that most people overlook when buying hiking boots. This is a big mistake because if you don’t have ankle support you will not be able to walk comfortably for long periods of time. Most ankle length boots don’t protect the ankle from shocks, such as walking off uneven ground, and this is a cause for cold toes. You want full length boots that protect the ankle and your feet from shocks.

Waterproof and breathable membrane

This is a crucial feature that protects your feet from harsh weather and wet conditions. A waterproof membrane will protect your feet from getting wet while hiking, while a breathable membrane allows sweat to dry quickly, which is also important when hiking in the coldest conditions. Finally, look for boots that have both waterproof and breathable membranes for a complete boot.

Waterproof is one thing, but when water gets inside your boot it can cause blisters and other injuries. So don’t skimp out and forget this important feature.


The weight of your hiking boots is important because you are going to be carrying it for extended periods of time throughout your hike. Hiking boots should weigh less than 3.3 pounds.

The lighter the better, but you want to make sure they will provide enough support for long distances over difficult terrain. If they are too heavy they can cause blisters, numbness and fatigue, which will make it hard to go forward.

If you want to have comfort while hiking, then you must invest in a pair of lightweight boots for your Kilimanjaro climb.

The above will be helpful to you before you make your purchase of the best hiking boots that will be useful in assisting you on this Kilimanjaro climb.

Read more guide on the 10 best hiking boots for wide feet women’s.

Summing up

We have reviewed the types of hiking boots that are most popular among Kilimanjaro climbers. These include low-top boots, high-top boots, and mid-height boots with a heavy sole.

It’s important to consider your personal comfort level when choosing a pair of hiking boots.

If you are looking for a comfortable yet reliable boot that will hold up well on the mountain, then you should consider Asolo TPS 520 GV Hiking Boots which we think has everything you need in one package: Gore Tex lining, durable outsole and traction tread pattern plus an adjustable ankle strap system that makes it easier than ever before (and also more stylish).

If, however what matters most is having extra support while wearing these boots during long hikes on uneven terrain like Mount Kilimanjaro then look no further than Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot because this model has been specially designed specifically for this purpose.

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