10 Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Women’s of 2023

Hiking boots are a best way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. However, they can be hard on your feet if you have wide feet.

This article is dedicated to women who also struggle to find boots that fit well. We’ve researched the best brands, types, and styles of hiking boots, and put together a list of the top ten best hiking boots for wide feet womens that covers everything.

Read on to see which one stand out above the rest!

Top 3 Picks For Quick Comparison
Best Overall
Columbia womens Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot, Quarry/Cool Wave, 7.5 US
Best Value
Lowa Women's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Slate/Eggplant,6 M US
Most Popular
Oboz Sapphire Mid B-Dry Hiking Shoe - Women's Huckleberry 8
Columbia Newton Ridge
Lowa Renegade GTX Mid
Oboz Sapphire Mid B-Dry
Best Overall
Columbia womens Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot, Quarry/Cool Wave, 7.5 US
Columbia Newton Ridge
Where you will find
Best Value
Lowa Women's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Slate/Eggplant,6 M US
Lowa Renegade GTX Mid
Where you will find
Most Popular
Oboz Sapphire Mid B-Dry Hiking Shoe - Women's Huckleberry 8
Oboz Sapphire Mid B-Dry
Where you will find

The 10 Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Women’s

1. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Boot

The boot is made of leather. It’s a rugged trail-ready boot designed to keep you dry, comfortable and protected on the trail. The waterproof membrane keeps your feet warm and dry while hiking, with a breathable seam sealed membrane construction that lets moisture escape from your foot in case you get caught out in the rain.

True-to-fit sizing means you can wear this shoe for years without having to take them off when they start to hurt or feel uncomfortable due to swelling around the ankles or toes because they will fit just like any other shoe would if properly sized up or down depending on how much room there is between your toes (the best way). This gives you plenty of options when it comes down choosing which size best suits your needs as far as comfort goes!

2. Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

The Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot is a great option for those looking for a comfortable, durable and wide-fitting hiking boot. It has an all-leather construction with a 100% leather sole, which makes it very durable and flexible while also being lightweight.

The shaft measures approximately 4.75″ from arch, while the heel measures approximately 1.5″. The padded tongue features a single strap closure that hooks over the top of your ankle to keep out debris during wet weather conditions (or just to keep you looking good).

The collar features two straps that wrap around your ankle as well: one at each side of where they meet up with each other along either side of where they meet up with each other along either side of where they meet up with each other…you get it!

This mid-height boot offers plenty of room for wider feet thanks to its full length nylon stabilizing shank that supports both front-topping stability through heel support or rearfoot cushioning when walking on rough terrain like pavement or gravel roadsides; however, if there’s enough snowfall or mud present during wintertime months then this specific model may become too tight due its lack thereof so try them first before purchasing one if necessary.”

3. Oboz Women’s Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Oboz Women’s Sapphire Mid B-Dry Waterproof Hiking Boot is a great option for women with wide feet. It has cushioning EVA midsole, TPU chassis and ESS plate in the forefoot, which makes it comfortable and versatile.

The boot is also waterproof up to 10 000 mm (40 000 g/m). Thanks to its B-DRY Waterproof technology you can use this boot for dry conditions or wet ones, as well as hot or cold weathers.

The boot has a leather upper with a rubber sole and it is available in different colors. It is also very durable, so if you’re looking for hiking boots that will last you long time and are comfortable even after prolonged use, this one should be on your list.

4. Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

These boots are designed with Descent Control Technology, which helps to prevent heel slippage and ankle pain. They also have a high performance EVA foam footbed that provides additional cushioning to your feet throughout the day.

These boots are 100% synthetic and are available in three different sizes ranging from extra-wide (women’s 8 – 10) through regular widths (women’s 5 – 6).

The boot shaft measures approximately mid top from arch height, so they’re great for people with narrow feet or those looking for something more conservative than their go-to hiking boot brand Gola Casuals will be offering this fall!

The Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots are lightweight, waterproof and durable. They’re the perfect choice when it comes to hiking boots for women with wide feet – especially since they have a high performance EVA foam footbed that provides cushioning from heel strike to toe-off.

5. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot

The Moab 2 Mid Gtx Hiking Boot is a great option for women with wide feet. It is waterproof, breathable, and comes with a Gore-Tex liner that makes it suitable for all types of weather conditions.

The boot also has an odorless footbed that allows you to wear your favorite socks without having them get wet or stinky.

The Vibram sole provides stability and comfort while on the trail, so you’ll be able to hike longer without getting tired out easily.

This model has an ankle shaft measuring approximately Ankle from arch (measured from inside heel), which means that if you have wide feet like me then this could be one of the best hiking boots for women with wide feet!

6. Timberland Women’s Chocorua Trail Boot

The Timberland Women’s Chocorua Trail Boot is a very durable, waterproof boot that will keep you comfortable on your hikes.

The boot has a leather and textile upper with rubber sole for maximum traction in all weather conditions.

The waterproof membrane inside the shoe ensures that your feet stay dry throughout the day as well as taking care of any moisture from perspiration from your feet which can cause blisters or discomfort over time.

The midsole also provides shock absorbing properties so you won’t feel any pain when walking through uneven terrain or uneven terrain such as hillsides or cobblestone streets (which are common in many areas).

It also has padded collar around the ankle area where most people tend to hurt themselves when wearing high heel shoes like these ones do because they don’t provide enough support around there area where most people would be wearing this type footwear during their regular activities outside at work etcetera.”

7. KEEN Women’s TARGHEE II MID Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you’re looking for a pair of hiking boots that are both stylish and comfortable, this is the perfect option. This boot has a 100% leather upper construction with a rubber outsole that is designed to provide traction on wet or dry surfaces.

The KEEN brand is known for their high-quality products and this boot does not disappoint!

It has a waterproof membrane that helps keep moisture out of your feet while still allowing them to breathe.

The metatomical footbed design is anatomically engineered for maximum comfort and support during long hikes on uneven terrain.

The KEEN brand is known for their high-quality products and this boot does not disappoint! It has a waterproof membrane that helps keep moisture out of your feet while still allowing them to breathe.

8. Keen Women’s Gypsum Ii Mid Wp-w Boot

This is one of the best hiking boots for wide feet women’s that you can find on the market today. You will love it because of its features, such as:

  • 100% Leather construction with Rubber sole
  • Metatomical EVA footbed that offers excellent cushioning and support
  • Non-marking rubber outsole provides traction in mud, snow or wet conditions
  • Breathable leather lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day long

Shaft measures approximately ankle-high from arch Keen Women’s Gypsum Ii Mid Wp-w Boot is waterproof, so it can keep your feet dry and comfortable even on days when there’s heavy rain outside.

It also has good traction, which makes it easy to walk or hike on different types of terrain without slipping. This shoe has excellent support and cushioning, so it’s very comfortable for all day use.

9. ARIAT Women’s Terrain Waterproof Hiking Boot

The Ariat Women’s Terrain Waterproof Hiking Boot is a great choice for those who want to stay dry and comfortable while they hike. This boot features an oiled full-grain leather upper, which gives it a rugged look and feel.

The rubber sole provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces, while the lightweight EVA midsole cushions your feet so you don’t feel like you’re walking on rocks or something else hard.

These boots are made with a shaft that measures approximately 4″ from arch height; this makes them perfect for wide feet women who need extra space when putting their feet into these types of shoes as well!

The Ariat Women’s Terrain Waterproof Hiking Boot offers waterproof protection thanks to its leather lining (which also helps keep odor at bay), breathable membranes between layers of material (which allows moisture vapor exchange), and waterproof zippers (so no matter how wet your day might be outside).

These boots also have moisture wicking properties throughout their insoles’ fabric composition—meaning they’ll keep sweat off your skin while allowing moisture vapor exchange so you stay fresh all day long! Plus there’s reflective elements added throughout this product since safety comes first when wearing hiking gear!

10. Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry Hiking Boot – Women’s

The Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry Hiking Boot is a great option for wide feet women, as it has all of the features you need in an outdoor boot. It’s comfortable and lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about your feet getting tired while on a long hike or running errands around town.

The Bridgers also look stylish, which can be important if you’re trying to find something that will match your outfit when going out into nature.

The shoes are made with waterproof leather upper material and full grain outsole rubber for maximum durability, which means they’ll last longer than most other hiking boots on our list!

They also breathe well thanks to their breathable design—you won’t get overheated while wearing these boots outdoors or during hot summer days!

The arch support provided by this pair’s design is excellent: it supports both sides of your foot without being too tight (so there won’t be any uncomfortable pressure points). Plus, because these shoes are designed specifically with women in mind rather than men who may have wider feet like myself who wear size 10 American Men’s Shoes/European Women Size 43 M/EU Size 38 Women’s Footwear – Sizes 5-10 US Men’s Shoe Size 13 US Women’s Footwear – Sizes 5-12 Euro 39 UK Womens Footwear – Sizes 7-10.

What are the best hiking boots for women with wide feet?

When it comes to choosing the best hiking boots for wide feet, there are several things to consider. First, you’ll want a wide foot that is long and narrow.

If you have a wide foot, the best hiking boots for your feet will be those that fit well (and don’t look too big), but also feel comfortable and supportive at the same time.

We recommend looking at models like these options:

Quality women hiking boots rock climbing

How do I know what size hiking boot to buy?

The best way to find the right fit is by following these steps:

  • Measure your foot length (from heel to toe). The length is measured from one end of the line on your foot to the other. If you have a standard size, like 8D or 9E, it will be approximately between 6” and 7” long. For wide feet, measure from heel-to-toe as well; this should be about 3/4 inch longer than your regular measurement.
  • Measure your width around at least three corners of each foot. The space between two toes should be less than 1/2 inch wide.
  • Measure around all arches at both ankles for an even fit across all sections.
  • Check how much room there is in each toe area so that each toe can move freely without being cramped together by tight spaces between them.

What size hiking boots should I get for my foot length?

For your hiking boots, you’ll want to make sure you get the right size. The foot length is the distance from the heel to the tip of your longest toe, and this measurement should be taken when wearing socks. If a boot feels too short or too long, it can cause discomfort and blisters as well as injury if they’re not properly fitted.

A good fit means that all toes are snugly tucked under their respective toes on each side of your foot (with room for movement). You should also have enough space between each toe and its neighbor so that there isn’t any pressure on those areas while walking over rough terrain or climbing steep slopes while wearing them—this will prevent irritation caused by rubbing against one another!

Which are the best walking boots for wide feet?

  • A good fit is important. You want your boots to be comfortable from the moment you put them on, so try on the boots in the afternoon when your feet are at their widest; this will give you the best chance of finding a pair that fits well.
  • Walk around the store in them (but don’t go too far). This helps ensure that there aren’t any issues with fit or comfort after trying them on—if something feels off when walking around, it probably won’t feel right once you’re wearing them all day long!
  • Make sure they’re waterproof and breathable: these are two must-have features for hiking boots regardless of whether they’re designed specifically for people with wide feet or not.
  • Check out how well they lace up! Some lacing systems require more effort than others while others may come undone fairly easily if not properly secured by tightening this system before leaving home.
  • Pay attention to what kind of sole material each pair has been made out of since different materials provide different levels of traction depending on terrain type used during hikes

Why waterproof hiking boots are a must-have.

You’ll need a pair of waterproof hiking boots to keep your feet dry, comfortable and safe. Why? Because if you don’t wear waterproof hiking boots, water will get inside your shoes and leak out through the bottom. This can cause blisters on your foot or toe; it also makes you cold in the winter months because frostbite is more likely to occur when there’s snow or ice on top of wet ground; and it can lead to infection (especially when worn in wet environments).

When choosing waterproof hiking boots for women with wide feet, make sure they have warm enough insulation so that they do not feel cold while walking around outside without any protection from rain or snowfall at all times during the winter months (or whenever conditions become extreme).

Guide to choose the best hiking boots for wide feet women

When it comes to hiking boots specifically, there are several other things that need consideration:


Natural rubber is more preferred for hiking boots. The reason behind this is that it’s more durable and effective at absorbing shock and preventing your feet from spreading while you walk.

While natural rubber possesses these characteristics, nothing can beat the unyielding durability of synthetic materials used in making boots. Synthetic materials are very hard wearing, resistant to moisture, and have good stretchability to accommodate for wide feet.

If you have wide feet, then make sure to choose hiking boots that are made from synthetic materials. These boots will not only serve you well while you hike, but they will also offer good protection from water and moisture.

Furthermore, make sure you check the soles of your boots because the sole should be made of a material that can absorb shock and prevent your feet from spreading.


You want them to be comfortable enough so that they don’t make you tired after walking for hours at a time on rocky terrain or uneven ground (which will likely happen). You also want them not too heavy or bulky so as not to bog down in thick vegetation where lightness might be useful in some situations (i.e., traversing rivers). In addition, if possible try out different styles before settling on one because some styles may better suit someone who wears thicker socks than others do!


Since these items are meant for long-term use over years rather than months like sneakers would typically be used then durability becomes more important than comfort levels…but still we must make sure these types don’t crack easily under pressure either way!


Boots made out of leather have good breathability, which means your feet are dry even after wearing them for hours. However, leather can get stinky, and it’s important to clean them thoroughly at least once a week.

Rubber or synthetic material boots tend to be better for hiking as they keep your feet dry even in harsh rains or if you get caught in a downpour. This is because synthetic materials don’t soak into water easily and are also non-absorbent.


Waterproofing is an essential feature of hiking boots that should not be overlooked. Choose a pair of shoes that have a waterproof membrane inside. This keeps your feet dry even if you step in water accidentally.

Insole, Midsole, and Outsole

The insole and midsole of hiking boots are made out of rubber or plastic. The thicker the sole is, the more shock absorption you get. For wide-footed women, choose a pair of boots whose first layer is extra thick so that your feet don’t get hurt.

The outsole will be made out of rubber or plastic for better gripping on rough surfaces. Make sure your boots are flexible enough for your wide feet, as this will make them more comfortable to wear over time.

The waterproof membrane of your hiking boots should be taped along the seams to keep water out no matter what. Choose waterproof boots with taped seams since they can resist wet conditions better than others.


Wide-footed women usually feel more pain in their feet after long hiking trips since the surfaces on which they hike are usually hard and uneven. A pair of boots that have a good cushioning will make walking easier for you.

A lot of hiking boots are made from leather, which is a material that molds naturally to the shape of your feet. This will ensure that you have ample cushioning and support in your hiking boots so that you can safely walk long distances even if your feet are on the wider side.


This goes hand-in-hand with durability as well…”Traction” refers simply put “stickiness” meaning how well one surface sticks onto another surface – whether it’s mud flats underwater etcetera…And while traction isn’t necessarily needed everywhere all over every day like say climbing mountains does require some type thereof but generally speaking there shouldn’t be too much concern here since most surfaces aren’t slippery enough off course unless properly prepared beforehand i mean no matter what kind”…so basically if possible try testing out different models before making any decisions about which ones might work best.


The weight of your hiking boots is one of the most important factors to consider when buying them. It’s also one of the most difficult aspects to determine, because a lot can change depending on your preferences and what you’re looking for in a pair of boots.

Note: Please keep this in mind: The majority of walking boots are designed to protect your feet. They should be comfortable as well as durable, with good traction and ankle support.

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We hope this article has helped you find the best hiking boots for your wide feet. Remember, it’s important to keep in mind what type of terrain you plan on walking through when choosing the right fit. You also need to consider how much weight you will be carrying while out on a hike (or any outdoor activity). The last thing we want is an uncomfortable pair of shoes that makes it difficult for us to get around!

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