10 Best Night Vision Goggles for Shooting [Reviews and Top Rated Brands]

Are you searching for the best night vision goggles for shooting? They are a helpful addition to every shooter. This is because they enable them to spot their targets clearly in the night and pinpoint their exact location.

Yet not all brands and models offered on the market are the same. This is the truth in the time we live in. Further, to find the right goggles for them, potential buyers are required to do extensive research online. They should look into the details and the features to decide whether they meet their expectations and preferences.

Best Night Vision Goggles for Shooting
Modern Army wearing mask and using four lenses night vision goggles

Don’t worry, as we did this for you. What follows are complete detailed reviews of the top products accompanied by a buying guide with the key tips to help you make your choice. So, let’s go!

Our Recommendation


ESSLNB Night Vision Goggles

ESSLNB Night Vision Goggles
Magnification: 7 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters
Viewing distance in the dark: 1300 feet
Size of the TFT screen: 2 inches
Brightness levels: 3


Solomark Lightweight Infrared Hunting Night Vision Goggles

Solomark Night Vision Goggle
Magnification: 3.8 – 7.6 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Objective lens: 21 millimeters
Type of prism: Porro prism
Viewing distance in complete darkness: 820 feet


BNISE Night Vision Digital Infrared Camera

BNISE Night Vision Digital
Magnification: 7 times
Viewing distance in complete darkness: 1300 feet
Battery life with continuous utilization: 6 hours
Objective lens: 31 millimeters
Capacity of the card: 32 GB

10 Best Night Vision Goggles for Shooters

Shooting requires special gear. As we mentioned, aside from the weapon, users should be equipped with the right pair of goggles. Things become more complicated at night. So, they should possess certain features for brightening the surroundings and providing sharp views before everything else.

Luckily, the choice on the market is wide. That’s why here we show the best models you should check out this year.

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ANNLOV Digital

Digital zoom: 2 times
Magnification: 3.5 – 7 times
Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters
Size of the TFT screen: 2 inches
Viewing distance: 1300 feet
Power: 8 AA batteries required

The main things that make these goggles suitable for shooting at night are the nice zoom and the wide field of view. The infrared illuminator with three adjustment levels contributes to the latter. Moreover, it’s responsible for bringing light to the surroundings and showing details to the shooter.

In terms of the quality of the image, this model has fully multi-coated lenses. They add clarity and sharpness. And to make the whole viewing and shooting experience easier and more comfortable, there is a TFT screen. Thanks to it, users can see without straining the eyes. Not to mention that what they see can be recorded and captured in the form of a video or a photo. Later, the materials can be transferred across more devices.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some users consider the screen to be too small for them. Also, they complain that sometimes the light coming from it is strong and the targets can detect it.

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Hike Crew Digital Night Vision Goggles

Weight: 1.33 pounds
Color: black
Type of focus: manual
Brightness levels: 7
Battery life: 6 hours during the night

It’s normal for the ambient in the surroundings to change often during the night. Therefore, while shooting, people need a device that is able to adjust to those changes. These goggles are one of those devices. Thanks to the adjustable brightness levels, shooters shouldn’t worry about the ambient at all.

What’s more, this product operates just as well in absolute darkness. It provides clear images at various distances, as well. For more comfortable observation, there are large eyecups and a wide screen. With the screen come the options to capture videos and photos of your endeavors. This is something users find really handy.

Still, a possible downside that some shooters report is trouble with the zoom and the views becoming a bit shaky when you’re standing too far.

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Diameter of objective lens: 25 millimeters
Size of the TFT screen: 2.31 inches
Viewing distance: 1300 feet
Magnification: 3 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Color: black
Weight: 2.25 pounds

When the night falls, shooting shouldn’t stop. These goggles assist hunters and other shooters with this. They offer sharp and bright views even in total darkness. One of the features that contribute to this is the infrared illuminator. Moreover, it’s an illuminator that brightens the way without glowing and giving away your location. That way, users can go after their targets without being scared that they’ll notice them and run away.

Although the design is rugged and strong, this model is still comfortable to carry. At the same time, it’s made to resist harsh conditions. Connected to this, it incorporates a screen for better viewing.

But it apparently lacks multiple zoom levels. It has only two and for some users this isn’t enough.

Nightfox 110R Widescreen

Magnification: 7 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Viewing distance: 165 yards
Battery life without constant illuminator usage: 5 hours
Power: 4 AA batteries
Weight: 1.13 pounds

Nightfox made these goggles to be simple to utilize by everyone. They consist of many accessible options and large buttons that can be found in the dark even when the shooter wears gloves. Accompanying them, there are buttons for adjusting the brightness of the screen, as well.

When it comes to the views, they can boast with both an optical and digital zoom for bringing the targets closer to the viewer. Not to mention that videos and photos of the night adventures can be captured and stored on the device.

All of these features are backed by the brand’s warranty. However, certain downsides that we should mention are the green tint that the views appear with as well as the fact that it didn’t fit some users’ faces.

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Bushnell Night Vision_Equinox Z2 Monocular Goggles

Magnification: 3 times
Diameter of objective lens: 30 millimeters
Viewing distance: 500 feet
Quality of the recorded video: 1080 pixels
Color: black

This is a well-known brand in the world of optics. It produces high-quality models that are affordable. This is one of them.
For starters, it follows the digital advancements and incorporates many such features inside it. Not only can it record videos and take photos but with it, users can stream their videos live on their smartphones.

Aside from this, this product gives shooters a wide field of view. To assist with this, it has the built-in illuminator and objective lens with a large diameter.

Yet you should know that the batteries don’t last long, so you should get rechargeable ones. In fact, this is among the main downsides associated with this product.

Solomark Lightweight Infrared Hunting Night Vision Goggles

Magnification: 3.8 – 7.6 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Diameter of objective lens: 21millimeters
Weight: 1.1 pounds
Type of prism: Porro prism
Capacity of the SD card: 32 GB
Viewing distance in complete darkness: 820 feet

No matter if shooters need them during the day or night, these goggles deliver a powerful performance. They are known for the optical quality and the sharpness of the views.

This is made possible with the increased transmission of light through the completely multi-coated lens. The CMOS sensor also plays a role here. Together with it comes the infrared illuminator, as well. It’s suitable for viewing in the dark with no light around you. To get colorful images during the day, it should be turned off, though.

As for this model’s digital capabilities, it enables shooters to capture their adventures in the form of photos and videos and later transfer them to other devices for further sharing.

However, users reported some downsides that are connected to the zoom not being enough for them and the need to purchase spare batteries in order not to run out of batteries in the open.

ESSLNB Goggles

Magnification: 7 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters
Viewing distance in the dark: 1300 feet
Brightness levels: 3
Size of the TFT screen: 2 inches
Weight: 3.4 pounds

These goggles have an appealing appearance. But this is only the beginning of why people are attracted to them. The key is in the details they incorporate.

Firstly, they have an optical system with completely multi-coated lenses. This enhances the quality of the views no matter the time of day. With the illuminator that’s built-in, shooters can brighten up the night. Even in total darkness, the targets can be spotted clearly. Whereas if there is at least a low light or if it’s still day, the field of view stretches infinitely in the distance.

To make the whole viewing experience easier and more comfortable, there is an LCD screen. On it, users can detect all details. Speaking of the screen, they can also record videos and take photos. These can afterward find their place on some other device.

Aside from this, this model is durable, compact, and can resist changing weather conditions, which tend to be common while shooting in the open. However, it’s worth mentioning that some users reported downsides regarding these goggles. They are about issues with the clarity of the images at long distances and the need to purchase more batteries in order to prevent running out of power.

BNISE Goggles

Battery life with continuous utilization: 6 hours
Viewing distance in complete darkness: 1300 feet
Capacity of the memory card: 32 GB
Size of the screen: 4 inches
Power: 8 AA batteries
Magnification: 7 times
Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters

When it comes to hunting or other types of shooting, goggles like these can greatly assist users. Thanks to the increased transmission of light through the multi-coated optics, people get nice clarity during the night. It goes without saying that the infrared illuminator participates in this, as well. By widening the field of view, it allows shooters to explore the details around them. Also, they can find the exact location of their targets. The night and complete darkness don’t stop them in this.

Another detail to be mindful of is the large screen for enhanced viewing experience. Aside from displaying the views in high-quality, it shows the buttons and options clearly. That way, users have the chance to pick whether they want to record a video or simply watch the road ahead with a single click.

However, a reported con is the fact that the batteries aren’t included in the package. This apparently represents an additional cost to people.

Hero Goggles

Magnification: 7 times
Diameter of objective lens: 50 millimeters
Exit pupil: 5 millimeters
Viewing distance: 3000 meters
Dimensions: 160 x 180 millimeters
Material of the body: metal mirror

These goggles are well-known for their comfortable and durable design. Moreover, they aren’t slippery and offer a strong grip. Also, harsh weather conditions can’t do them harm. This is because they are waterproof.

Due to the central wheel for focusing, they are suitable for fixed viewing and provide smooth focusing. For this reason, users can quickly catch sharp views of their targets. Another notable thing is the broadband coating. It’s responsible for lowering down the variations in the colors. Not to mention that it leads to better brightness and transmittance of light.

Despite all of this, though, it should be mentioned that these goggles don’t operate well in total darkness. They require at least a low light to deliver a satisfactory performance.

Bobster Goggles

Weight: 5.6 ounces
Height of the lens: 48 millimeters
Size: 8 x 3 x 4 inches
Color: black

As these goggles can be worn on the head, they enable shooters to go after the prey with free hands. Among the most notable features they possess are the photochromic lens and the protection against UV rays and impact.

More precisely, the lens adapts to the changes in the light. They detect the UV rays and become dark or light automatically. Thanks to this, users aren’t required to put them down during the day and night. Connected to this, the lenses are optically-correct. What does this mean? They prevent distortions of the views and possible headaches from long usage of the goggles.

What’s more, this model is made to resist impact while at the same time maintaining its low weight. Still, some cons to consider are the problems with fitting them in the frame and being too small for some users’ faces.

Guide for right selection

Shopping for night vision goggles can become tricky. That’s especially the case when you consider the fact that numerous features are packed inside the goggles. What’s more, the device can be used for multiple activities like hunting, military tasks, and more. However, you shouldn’t worry. In the following section, we’ll offer some tips and tricks to have in mind when browsing potential night vision goggles to buy.

Consider the Environment

The environment in which you’ll operate plays a significant role in the model you should get. Not all types of environments are suitable for every type of night vision goggles. To begin with, consider the distance. If you’re planning on short-range shooting only, then it may not be rational to pay extra cash for long-range shooting capabilities, too.

Another aspect is the weather. Some areas are dry both day and night whereas some are rainier. For the latter, getting waterproof and weatherproof night vision goggles is imperative. That’s because you’ll need to operate regardless of the external conditions and this feature will help you with that. Fog proof goggles are quite popular, too. When you think about it, the weather can be unpredictable. So, don’t hesitate to purchase waterproof goggles even when you’re out shooting in dry areas.

Know Your Budget

One of the factors that influence the actual purchase is, of course, the money or your budget dedicated for new goggles. With that being said, it’s easy to be swept away by the offer on the goggles market. They have numerous price tags and various fabulous features that go with the price. That’s why it’s important to know your budget and stick with it. Only that way you’ll be able to get the shopping under control.

Another thing you should watch out for is shopping for accessories. These can be real money-stealers as there are some really cool ones out there. Make sure you buy only the ones you presently need so that you don’t regret spending a ton of cash on something you’ll barely use.

Choosing the Brand

The dilemma that plagues all buyers is whether to buy from a popular brand or go with a lesser-known brand. It doesn’t have a clear answer, so people weigh in on the matter with their own opinions and perspectives.

Yes, it’s true that a well-established brand carries a certain sense of quality with it. Usually, these are the companies that people trust and sometimes don’t even get into the details of the product, because they think that the name is a guarantee for the reliability of the product.

On the other hand, this doesn’t imply that lesser-known brands have bad products. On the contrary, there are great goggles that don’t have a catchy name attached to them and can still do the job amazingly.

That’s why we advise you to first look at a product and not the brand. If there is a reliable product from a company you haven’t heard of, go ahead and check it out. Yet, if you can’t find suitable googles from any brand other than a popular one, don’t even think twice and buy them.

Pick the Necessary Accessories

We mentioned accessories above as one of the most important aspects of night vision goggles. This is completely true when you consider the fact that they can drastically improve the entire observational experience. As we said, the price can trick you here as you may end up spending lots of money on accessories that presently aren’t your priority.

While we’re talking about priority, you should set aside some accessories, which you believe are essential to your task. These can include a carrying case, a head mount, an adapter, and such. Beware that some are given to you with the actual goggles, so make sure you don’t buy something twice. The market is flooded with fancy accessories that easily attract the buyers’ attention.

Strive for Excellence in Image Quality

It’s right there in the definition of night vision goggles. You practically use them to see far away subjects or objects in the dark. Subsequently, if your goggles don’t deliver you quality visuals, then what are they good for?

But things aren’t as simple as that. With that being said, devices that have a higher quality of images tend to be pricier than the rest. That’s why it’s important to understand and know the environment in which you’ll be operating as well as your budget. These two factors, among many, are crucial for determining which image quality is the right one for you.

You may ask what makes an image quality. They didn’t say in vain that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so this is a subjective thing. Generally speaking, though, if an image is bright enough and you can see plenty of details in the subject/object even in the dark, then you can qualify that as a quality image.

Find out the Generation of Night Vision Goggles

Anyone who has ever been interested in night vision devices will tell you that the generation that the device belongs can determine its features, the price, the performance, and even your satisfaction with the product.

That’s why you should find out the generation of night vision goggles that is the most suitable for you. That way you’ll know what you’re getting into and won’t be disappointed with the product.

Furthermore, you can choose from goggles from the first generation, second, third, and so on. However, each generation has its own features and specifications that you should watch out for. Hobbyists and enthusiasts can get away with buying models from the first generation. Nevertheless, some quality models can come out of this category, too. On the other hand, generation two seems to be a bit better performance-wise. Yet, the models from this generation come with a higher price attached to them. Some even say that they tend to be three to four times more expensive than the ones from the first generation. But, if money isn’t the issue with you, you can go with these models.

Look for a Longer Battery Life

Indeed, the life of the battery can become a serious issue when you’re out in the open and you have nowhere to charge your night vision goggles. They will be rendered useless and you would be empty-handed.

To prevent that from happening, browse models that have longer battery lives. Subsequently, most of the night vision gear runs on AA batteries or similar power sources. So, having some spare in your carrying bag won’t do any damage. This can just help you if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.
Thanks to rapid advancements in technology and the night vision equipment industry, users can also check out battery packs and other supplementary power sources. That way, if you run out of battery, you can connect your night vision goggles to these external power sources and continue with your task as nothing has happened.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can civilians buy night vision goggles?

Answer: Generally, there isn’t a rule for forbidding regular people from buying night vision gear including goggles both online and offline as long as they will be used for legal purposes. That’s why we recommend you to check out if your local authorities allow the purchase of night vision goggles.

2) What can I use my night vision goggles for besides shooting?

Answer: The applications when it comes to night vision goggles are almost limitless. You can use them for observations in the dark and low-light conditions, for hunting, watching wildlife, military tasks including military simulations, surveillance, and many more. A pro tip is to check out the particular device’s specifications to see if it can serve you well for the task you have in mind.

Final remarks

Now it’s your turn. What do you think after reading all of this? Are the before-mentioned night vision goggles the ones you would take while shooting? Which model is your favorite? We would like to hear it all here in the comments. Also, don’t hesitate to share your experience with other goggles and with shooting overall.

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