The 9 Best Night Vision Goggles Under $1000 (Reviews with Well-Known Brands)

The visibility is very low during the night. This is especially the case when the light is low or there is no light at all. For this reason, people that plan to do activities at this time require some of the best night vision goggles under $1000.

At this price, the products you get possess advanced features. And they usually incorporate additional options, as well. They come in handy in various situations whether it’s a simple observation of wildlife or hunting and shooting. It’s true that people may be asked to pay more than what they have expected but it’s all worth it when they reap the benefits of their choice in the long run.

Because these goggles are all over the market, it can be tough to locate the ones that completely justify the price. We are here to help with this. What you’ll find in the guide that follows is full reviews and key details that shouldn’t be taken for granted. So, keep on reading!

Our Recommendation


ESSLNB Night Vision Goggles

ESSLNB Night Vision Goggles
Magnification: 2 times
Weight: 25.3 ounces without the batteries
Generation of intensifier tubes: generation 1
Objective lens: 24 millimeters
Battery life: 40 – 80 hours


MIJNUX Night Vision Goggles

MIJNUX Army Fan Outdoor Tactical Binocular Infrared Digital Night Vision Goggles
Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters
Size of the LCD display: 2 inches
Resolution of the images: 640 x 480 pixels
Viewing angle: 9 degrees
Dimensions: 205 x 169 x 88 millimeters


GTHUNDER Digital Night Vision Goggles

GTHUNDER Digital Night Vision Goggles
Magnification: 3 times
Size of the screen: 3 inches
Diameter of objective lens: 25 millimeters
Material of the housing: rubber
Capacity of the memory card: 32 GB

9 Best Night Vision Goggles Under $1000

Both well-known and not-so-famous brands try their chance at producing models that cost a reasonable price and are worthy at the same time. And luckily, many of them succeed in this. While not all of them incorporate absolutely all premium features, they find a way to remain competitive on the market. Even if it’s just with the digital options or something similar, some models stand out from the rest within the price range.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll uncover these models that cost less than $1000.

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ESSLNB Night Vision Goggles

Magnification: 7 times
Weight: 25.3 ounces without the batteries
Generation of intensifier tubes: generation 1
Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters
Battery life: 40 – 80 hours

These goggles can be utilized by all users no matter their expertise in this field. One of the main reasons for this is that they focus automatically. As people don’t need to manually focus them, they can simply turn them on and start viewing. Moreover, the fixed focus enables them to follow fast targets and spot them quickly with nice clarity.

Even if you stand far, you’ll be able to catch at least a glimpse in the dark. The built-in infrared illuminator is there for this purpose. It brightens the environment and with that the field of view spreads no matter how low the light is. To accompany it, there are two tubes for intensifying the image further. They go hand in hand with the optics made entirely of glass and thermoplastic housing of the lenses. Due to this, the goggles can resist impact and other damages that may happen while you’re in the open at night.

However, it should be noted that some users complain about the low magnification. Yet when it comes to observing at night, sometimes the ability to zoom less improves the sharpness and clarity of the images.

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MIJNUX Army Fan Outdoor Tactical Binocular Infrared Digital Night Vision Goggles

Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters
Size of the LCD display: 2 inches
Resolution of the images: 640 x 480 pixels
Viewing angle: 9 degrees
Dimensions: 205 x 169 x 88 millimeters

Considering its price, this model has some truly premium options to offer. Firstly, it has lenses that are coated with multi-red. It incorporates a BaK-4 prism, as well, for enhanced views at night. It’s powerful, so the targets appear clear and bright.

As for durability, these goggles’ armor is made of rubber, thus lasting for a long time. Not to mention that they are water and fog-resistant. This means that users can take them on their trips in nature regardless of the changing weather conditions. But this isn’t everything there is to say about this product. Moreover, it incorporates some digital options. It boasts with an LCD display for seeing details more easily. Those that want to take images of their adventures can do so, too.

As a guarantee of the quality, the brand provides a continuous customer service that can be reached at all times.

Still, users should understand that these goggles require low light to operate. They can’t be utilized in absolute darkness. And this is one of the main downsides that other users point out.

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Coolife Goggles

Color: green and black
Magnification: 3 times
Digital zoom: 4 times
Weight: 1.2 pounds
Diameter of objective lens: 25 millimeters
Size of the TFT screen: 2.31 inches
Resolution of the videos and photos: 1280 x 960 pixels

Among the first things people notice about these goggles is their nice appearance. Luckily, it’s backed by some really nice night vision features. Firstly, it has an infrared illuminator with multiple adjustment levels. It plays the main role when it comes to widening the viewing range in complete darkness.

Thanks to the accessible buttons, users can control the functions without any difficulties. Because of this both hobbyists and professionals can take advantage of this product. Not to mention that they can be sure to get images and videos in high definition. There is even an option to store them on the device or transfer them to other devices for further sharing and watching. To increase the comfort and make it simpler to view with both eyes, a TFT screen is incorporated.

However, there are some downsides associated with it. The main ones are about the lack of recharging options and the fact that the batteries should be purchased separately.


Magnification: 7 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Diameter of objective lens: 31 millimeters
Weight without the batteries: 750 grams
Resolution of the video output: 320 x 240 pixels

Due to their precision and ability to provide clear views in absolute darkness, these goggles are suitable for hunting and similar professional activities. Of course, this is only scratching the surface.

They have an infrared LED light that’s built-in. Thanks to it, they are able to brighten the surroundings and reveal hidden details. This feature is accompanied by a powerful magnification and digital zoom. They come in handy especially when you’re standing far and the target should be zoomed in to be truly visible. Just have in mind that in some instances, the large zoom makes the views a bit shaky at night.

As for its digital operation, it can boast with a wide screen for better previews. Moreover, the screen prevents pain in the eyes from long staring. Connected to this are the options to capture and store photos and videos.

Pulsar Challenger GS

Magnification: 2.7 times
Diameter of objective lens: 50 millimeters
Color: black
Eye relief: 12 millimeters
Weight: 17.6 ounces

Among the most noticeable things about this product is that it’s lightweight and at the same time durable. It’s made of high-quality materials that can resist water, dust, and similar conditions. As users will be spending a long time in nature with it, this comes in very handy.

To increase the contrast and sharpness, this model consists of an eyepiece with five lenses. That way the distortions at the edges are prevented. Not to mention that to help people stay hidden, there is an eye cup for keeping the transmission of light invisible.

Additional details that it incorporates is the socket for attaching it to a tripod. Why is this important? During your adventures in the night, often you won’t be able to get close to a target. And zooming extensively can make the views a bit shaky and the device will be hard to focus. Therefore, when it’s on a tripod, this issue is minimized. Aside from this, a possible downside to have in mind is the weight, which tends to be a bit high for some users. Considering that this is a hand-held model, this can be a problem you should be aware of.

Peyan Goggles

Digital zoom: 3 times
Color: camouflage
Observing distance in complete darkness: 200 – 300 meters
Size of the screen: 2.3 inches
Weight: 0.95 kilograms

These goggles have many of the needed features for a complete observing experience at night. Their design is compact and lightweight. Changing weather conditions can’t damage it, either. For this reason, they are the right companions in harsh surroundings like those during security missions, hunting, hiking, and similar activities.

To strengthen the performance, they are made with a built-in infrared illuminator. This means that they can detect and show the users exactly where their targets are situated. As the viewing area is spread, more details can be spotted, as well. Putting this aside, there is a screen for viewing with ease, accompanied by features for capturing images and recording videos.

Still, users complain about the memory of the card for storing the materials being too low. Also, the required batteries for the product’s operation apparently aren’t included in the package.

Firefield Tracker 3×42 Night Vision

Diameter of objective lens: 42 millimeters
Magnification: 3 times
Weight: 2 pounds
Generation: Generation 1
Battery life: 10 hours

Firefield is a well-known brand when it comes to optics. It offers high-quality products that provide a nice performance regardless of the conditions. And these goggles aren’t the exception.

Moreover, their design consists of two tubes. This gives depth to the views. Also, in whole it’s ergonomic and compact. It ensures a strong grip that isn’t slippery. Due to this, this model is comfortable for longer trips. Other features that are worth mentioning are its infrared illuminator, the fixed distance between the eyes, and the center focus. All of them contribute to a pleasant experience.

In terms of reported downsides, we’ll mention the high weight. This can cause trouble for many travelers. But if you have enough space, this shouldn’t worry you.

Generic Digital Infrared Night-Vision Goggles

Magnification: 5 times
Diameter of objective lens: 42 millimeters
Level of light transmission: 99.5%
Prism type: BaK-4 prism

This is a product predominantly known by its high magnification and field of view at night. Therefore, people take it with them on all outdoor activities, from hunting and fishing to camping and watching wildlife.

The goggles incorporate new technology related to the optics, which makes the views sharper and brighter. To help with this, there is a BaK-4 prism. The lenses are also multi-coated for increased transmission of light.

People can focus them even when they are holding them in one hand. The ergonomic design makes this possible and enhances comfort. Not to mention that the rubber armor lasts long and doesn’t slip.

Yet, a potential downside to be aware of is the lack of mounting options.


Magnification: 3 times
Size of the screen: 3 inches
Diameter of objective lens: 25 millimeters
Material of the housing: rubber
Capacity of the memory card: 32 GB

Users can pick between a black and camouflage version of these goggles. But no matter which appearance they go for, the features they get are worthy of their attention.

When there is no light at all, it can be tricky to explore the place you’re in. The illuminator in these goggles solves this issue as it brightens the surroundings enough. That way both professionals and beginners can take advantage of them easily. The durable housing made of rubber is there to ensure no harsh weather conditions can harm them.

On the other hand, the digital options for capturing videos and photos make the model interesting even more. But there are some cons that shouldn’t be overlooked. For one, the batteries aren’t rechargeable. And the body is bulky for many, which makes it harder to store the product during your travels.

Guide for better selection


The model’s price tag can greatly influence the decision you make regarding the final purchase of a particular model. It isn’t said in vain that you should always act according to your budget and how much cash you have set aside for this purpose. Since this post is dedicated to night vision goggles under $1000 we will talk briefly about what you can get for this price.

These night vision goggles are very suitable for outdoor activities like hunting, surveillance, shooting, and many more. What’s more, there are very quality models found in this price range. But you have to be persistent in your research and don’t easily give up.

Further, models under five hundred bucks are quality, but their application is more limited. They’re best used for more casual observational tasks. Also, they have fewer features, but quality models can perform the task well.


When we’re talking about the compactness of night vision goggles, we’re usually referring to their weight as well as size.

To begin with, users utilize goggles often for a longer period. And if they’re heavy, this will make the task at hand increasingly more difficult. Not to mention that this can strain the neck and give you unpleasant pain while observing. That’s why many experts suggest looking for models which weigh twenty pounds or less. Note that if the goggles have bigger lenses and more features and are made for more professional usage, they may weigh more than the others.

Moreover, size plays an important role when you’re using goggles for hunting. Bigger goggles can interrupt your line of sight and disrupt the observational experience. Looking for goggles that can retract if they aren’t currently used.

With that being said, the compactness of the model gains an even more important meaning if you want to mount it on a helmet or a headgear. So, naturally, you should strive to look at more compact goggles when browsing to buy some. This will help you and improve your performance.

Integrated IR Illuminators

Whether the infrared illuminator is integrated or not also influences the weight of the device, which we talked about above as well as its compactness. Moreover, it’s said that devices with a built-in IR illuminator weigh less than the ones that require you to attach a separate illuminator. Naturally, another device on top of the goggles will increase the weight and strain your hands or head more.

With that being said, an integrated illuminator can act as a source of light when you need it in the dark. In some cases, for example, when you have to read a piece of text in the dark, you don’t have to turn on your night vision goggles. Instead, the illuminator will provide the necessary light you need to finish the task.

Autogating Features

This is one of those contemporary features that the fancy models that have recently appeared on the market will most likely have. For those who aren’t exactly familiar with what this feature entails – it refers to automatic control of brightness.

This becomes essential as an extremely bright source of light can seriously damage your night vision goggles. So, if you’re working in conditions where the light can change or if bursts of brightness occur all of a sudden during the work, then this is one of the features you should definitely include in your list of priorities.

Beware that these models may elude a few more bucks from your pocket. But often users are willing to pay more if they’re certain their device is protected. So, you should factor that in, too, when you are making the purchasing decision.

Resilience to Weather Conditions

Weather resistance is a fantastic solution for all those users who are working in wet areas or areas where the weather conditions are quick to change. On the other hand, many experts suggest acquiring goggles with this feature regardless of the area. That’s because it adds another layer of protection. Plus, you’ll be free to use the goggles no matter rain or shine.

Being resistant to external conditions often means, among other things, that the device is waterproof. To do that, the manufacturer has nitrogen-purged it and O-ringed. Additionally, this prevents other particles like dust, debris, and such from coming into the insides of the goggles. Some models are fog proof, too.

Long-Lasting Goggles

Even though we’re looking at the features of the best night vision goggles, still it isn’t extremely cheap and something you buy every day. That’s why you should carefully assess your options. The device’s durability often can make a huge difference.

Yes, these goggles are primarily made for outdoor usage and for active users. As such, they are easily susceptible to wear and tear. And less durable models won’t perform well. That’s why you need to ensure that the model can withstand the passage of time and will serve you for a longer time.

One of the factors that contribute to the goggles being long-lasting is the overall quality. Users should remember that quality comes first and that it shouldn’t be compensated over a lower price.

To begin with, prospective buyers can start by looking at goggles that have a sturdy exterior armoring. Aluminum is king here and other less-quality materials will just ruin the entire experience. Subsequently, glass is also a desirable material when we’re talking about the lenses of the goggles. In turn, some companies are looking to include some alternative materials to glass, but the effect is far from the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What are the types of night vision goggles?

Answer: While you can group night vision goggles in many categories, two types emerge as more or less the main ones. They are thermal night vision goggles and infrared night vision goggles. Goggles that work on thermal technology rely on the heat or the temperature that the subject emits rather than the light. This makes them easy for working in pitch-black conditions. On the other hand, the latter type of goggles uses light to enable you to observe what lies ahead of you in the dark. And if there is no light, then these goggles aren’t as effective. That’s why it’s often said that they aren’t the most suitable option for observing in utter darkness.

2) Which generation of night vision goggles can give me a great resolution?

Answer: If having a high resolution of your visuals is your priority, then night vision goggles from the second generation will do the job effectively. What’s more, you can benefit from goggles that belong in the upper generations, too. The devices from the second generation and up are known for amplifying the light in the images. Thus, they’re brighter and users can see plenty of the details in them.

3) How far can I see with my night vision goggles?

Answer: This can be a rather complicated answer as there isn’t one indicator that can tell you how far you’re enabled to see through the goggles. To be more precise, the width and depth you’re observing are determined by a set of factors. This may include how clear and bright the sky is that night, whether there are stars and a moon or not, and more. Also, the subject or object you’re observing can play a role here. That’s because different subjects have different detection ranges and your goggles may not ‘see’ it immediately. In a nutshell, it all boils down to the overall design of the night vision goggles as well as the technical features and specifications. That’s why you should read those, as well, and strive to be as informed as possible about the device you have in mind.

Final Words

After all of the before-mentioned details, it’s become clear that people should be sometimes ready to pay a bit more for a high-quality product. Of course this isn’t a price that’s too high. And considering the advanced models within the price range of $1000, it’s worth it to expand your budget. Starting from the increased quality of the optics to durability, there are plenty of aspects to be interested in. Not to mention that most of the models possess digital options and screens for easier observation. Aside from just taking photos and recording videos, users can take their memories with them on multiple devices and store them on memory cards. Even if it’s completely dark outside, they can do this and so many more activities due to the built-in illuminators and digital zooming capabilities. In this guide, we hope we managed to give you a real idea of which premium features to look out for.

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