9 Best Night Vision Goggles Under $200 – Top Picks & Reviews

How to recognize the best night vision goggles under $200? There isn’t a specific answer to this question. The truth is that many users are hunting for affordable models that consist of many useful features. But it’s a bit complicated to discover what exactly makes them the best.

When people find themselves in the dark with little or no light at all, they aren’t able to resume their activities. So, mainly, the goggles they have with them should give them a solution. This is usually bright and clear views that show the details they need. The good news is that such models can be found on the market.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’ll make sure you learn where to look and which details to pay the most attention to. If you’re ready, let’s go!

Top Picks


Coolife Goggles

Coolife Night Vision Goggles
Objective lens: 25 millimeters
Magnification: 3 times
Digital zoom: 4 times
Infrared levels: 7
Size of the screen: 2.31 inches
Capacity of the SD card: 32 GB


JStoon Goggles

JStoon Digital Night Vision Goggles
Magnification: 3 times
Digital zoom: 4 times
Objective lens: 25 millimeters
Resolution of the captured videos and photos: 1280 x 960 pixels


BOBLOV Digital Goggles

BOBLOV Digital Night Vision Goggles
Magnification: 5 times
Digital zoom: 8 times
Viewing distance: 150 yards
Capacity of card: 16 GB
Size of the screen: 1.5 inches

The 9 Best Night Vision Goggles Under $200

In order to be able to present bright views during the night, the goggles should possess special technology and features. That’s why many brands try to incorporate as much of those as possible while maintaining a lower price. Luckily, they often succeed in this. And the results are affordable models. Since those can be sometimes harder to come by, we present reviews of the best night vision goggles under $200 that you can find on the market this year. To ensure you can make the right decision we aren’t subjective and state both the things people like and don’t like about the goggles. So, here they are.

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Hike Crew Infrared Digital Small Night Vision Goggles

Digital zoom: 2 times
Infrared levels: 7
Weight: 0.36 pounds
Viewing distance in the dark: 110 yards
Power: 6 AA batteries
Operating hours: 9 hours during the day and 4 hours during the night

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these goggles will come in handy to you. In truth, they’ve been helpful to many users. Their versatility and numerous options are the reason for this.

We’ll start by saying that they are suitable for utilization during the day and night. They provide high magnification and clarity of the lenses. And these result in high-quality views. For making the surroundings brighter when the night falls, it has an infrared illuminator. It widens the field of view further, as well, including more details into the picture.

As for additional features, this model is equipped with a digital viewfinder. More precisely, this is an LCD screen that shows some of the options. The interface is simple to understand, so all users can take advantage of what is offered. Not to mention that the goggles are portable and can be carried around everywhere. Thanks to its energy efficiency, its continuous working hours are prolonged when compared to some other models.

However, users report some downsides. The main one is related to the lack of options for recording videos.

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Coolife Goggles Infrared Night Vision

Magnification: 3 times
Viewing distance: 984 feet
Infrared levels: 7
Digital zoom: 4 times
Size of the TFT screen: 2.31 inches
Resolution of the photos and videos: 1280 x 960 pixels
Capacity of the card: 32 GB

The appearance of these goggles alone is enough to attract people’s attention. They come in green and black color, combined in a stylish way. But there are many premium features to look forward to, as well.

In surroundings that are covered in complete darkness, this model provides views that are bright and sharp. There is a system with multi-layer lenses and an infrared illuminator that assist with this. Moreover, when the illuminator is on, the image becomes black and white. That way, it reveals some less visible details. To maximize clarity, it has a CMOS sensor, too.

When it comes to utilizing it, you should know that they are simple to operate. All functions can be adjusted through a few buttons. One of these options is recording videos and taking photos. They stay stored on the card and can then be transferred to other devices.

Yet as a possible downside that users mention is that the batteries aren’t included and this lifts the cost a little.


Viewing distance: 984 feet
Color: green
Weight: 2.53 pounds
Magnification: 3 times
Size of the LCD screen: 2.31 inches
Operation time: 3 hours at night with the illuminator turned on
Dimensions: 10.3 x 8.2 x 3.5 inches

This is another one of those models that incorporate digital capabilities. With the goggles, users can easily capture videos and photos of everything they see. After storing them, they can decide whether they want to move them onto a different device.
Leaving this aside, these goggles possess a wide monitor for viewing. This alongside the accessible options makes them suitable for both beginners and professionals. When it comes to the views, the illuminator is responsible for brightening them. During the night when objects and creatures are hidden in the dark, it’s nice to have help in this form. What’s more, the CMOS sensor increases the sharpness and clarity.

Considering their affordable price, the goggles can boast with comfort and durability. They can be carried around without any issues. Not to mention that they are easy to operate. But they reportedly require a lot of batteries, which is a problem for some people. Also, the capacity of the memory card wasn’t enough for some.

Bertoni Vintage Aviator Motorcycle Goggles

Weight: 0.63 ounces
Color: matte black
Dimensions: 7.48 x 3.62 x 2.76 inches
UV protection: 100%

With these goggles, bikers can drive both during the day and night. This is due to the fact that they provide UV protection. At the same time, there are lenses that can adapt to the changes in light. They are known as photochromic. Moreover, they can become darker by themselves when the weather is harsh or there is fog. Also, the tint can prevent excessive light from causing trouble to the driver.

When it comes to putting them on, they have a strap that can be easily adjusted. Thanks to it, you can put them on together with a helmet with an open face. It’s suitable for wearing even without a helmet if the user pleases. Another detail that comes in handy is the low weight. It’s as a result of the thin plastic that this model is made of. While some buyers think of this as a disadvantage, it contributes to the portability. So, it’s not that bad.

Still, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that apparently, the space between the goggles tends to be a bit big for some users. A tip in this regard is to try them on or measure them exactly before making the purchase.

BOBLOV Digital Night Vision Goggles

Magnification: 5 times
Digital zoom: 8 times
Viewing distance in complete darkness: 150 yards
Capacity of card: 16 GB
Time of operation: 1 – 1.5 hours with the illuminator turned on
Color: camouflage
Size of the screen: 1.5 inches

As a camouflage model, this one helps users stay hidden during the night. This is helpful when you observe wildlife or hunt and you don’t want the animals to notice you. In absolute darkness, the infrared illuminator widens the viewing area. It unveils the details that can’t be easily spotted, too.

In terms of the views, they’re shown in black and white. And the nice thing is that they can be recorded in a video or captured in an image in high definition. Another digital feature is the microphone, which lets you record comments and statements. These memories can later be stored on the card and shared across other devices. A USB connection is enabled for this purpose.

Eventually, there is a TFT screen for previewing the materials. It’s accompanied by options to adjust the brightness levels. This is to prevent a blinding effect if too much light comes to your eyes in the dark. However, some users that wanted to attach it to a tripod couldn’t do that due to the socket being placed in a strange position. This is among the main downsides of this product.

509 Sinister X6 Goggles

Weight: 1.11 pounds
Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 8 inches
Color: users can pick between multiple colors
Matching helmet type: 509

These are goggles that can be worn by people that have and don’t have glasses on. They come in various colors to match the preferences of many users. And they succeed in this as they widen the choice for potential buyers.

While they are officially meant for users that drive snowmobiles and snow bikes, they can be utilized for a range of outdoor activities that happen during the night. Thanks to the special technology against fog, the goggles don’t fog easily. Therefore, the views are clear with no obstructions while users are watching through them.

The wide field of view ensures that no details remain unnoticed. Also, the volume of the lens is larger, contributing to accurate images. Speaking of the lens, there is a system for quick loading that utilizes the front lens to provide simple changes in the lens. This is done with a single latch.

However, what this model lacks is a photochromatic feature for adapting to the changes in the light. Not to mention that they can sometimes be too bright, especially during the day.

Solomark Goggles, Blue Infrared Illuminator

Field of view in the darkness: 328 feet
Illuminator levels: 3
Weight: 11.5 ounces
Power: 4 AA batteries
Resolution of the captured photos and videos: 640 x 480 pixels
Battery life: 5 hours

Considering its affordable price, Solomark’s goggle has many useful options and features. For starters, it should be clear that it’s a versatile model. People can attach it to a tripod, put it in a bag or carry it with them in their hands. The design isn’t slippery, so they are comfortable for long utilization, as well.

What’s more, it offers the possibility to observe objects and creatures in total darkness. For this purpose, it has an IR illuminator with multiple adjustment levels. It makes the viewing area brighter and shows what viewers can surely miss with their bare eyes. The multi-coated lenses only assist with this.

As for digital capabilities, the goggles can boast with the options to record videos and take photos. These can be previewed on the LCD screen. It’s a nice addition since people don’t need to strain their eyes all the time and can see on a larger screen. For those that prefer to share their adventures with friends and family, there is an option to transfer everything to a computer, laptop or smartphone.

Yet what users find as a downside is that this product can’t recognize heat signatures. So, you can’t see people and animals behind objects and walls.

JStoon Goggles

Magnification: 3 times
Digital zoom: 4 times
Diameter of objective lens: 25 millimeters
Viewing distance in the darkness: 984 feet
Capacity of the memory card: 32 GB
Illuminator levels: 7
Resolution of the captured videos and photos: 1280 x 960 pixels
Continuous operation time: 6 hours

What these goggles are famous for is the long and wide viewing area. For the price, it really provides a fair distance even when there is no additional light in the night. The infrared illuminator plays a big role here together with its adjustment levels. Moreover, if the adjustments are higher the area will expand further and the views will be clearer.

The clear views are as a result of the completely multi-coated lenses. They go together with the nice magnification and digital zoom. Also, the videos and photos that can be captured with these goggles come in a high resolution due to the same reasons. When it comes to the utilization time though, the device can continuously operate for 6 hours with the illuminator on. When compared to some other models this is long enough. And users shouldn’t worry about running out of power as the batteries tend to last long, as well.

However, despite all of this, there are a few reported downsides. They’re about the weight being a bit high and the illuminator working better when viewing at close distances.

1006524 X-Stand Sniper Goggles

Viewing distance at night: maximum of 1050 feet
Battery life: 6 hours of usage during the night
Field of view: 60 feet
Weight: 2.25 pounds
Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 10 inches
Power: 8 AA batteries are required
Color: black

These goggles are suitable for a range of different night activities. Among them are hunting, surveillance, hiking, observing sports events, and others. They present the views in black and white with pronounced details in the dark surroundings. In fact, their viewing area is very wide and the lenses are coated to brighten and sharpen the images even further.

Another useful detail is the fact that they can be used by those that wear and don’t wear glasses. There is a strap for adjusting them to your needs, as well. Yet the batteries aren’t included in the package. Therefore, many users state this as a possible downside as they are required to spend more money to purchase them separately.

Guide to choose your perfect Goggles

Built-in IR Illuminator

An infrared illuminator that is completely integrated into the goggles system is desirable to have. What’s more, these illuminators weigh less because you don’t additionally attach them to the model. Also, they make the entire observational experience easier as users don’t have to worry about the complicated attachment procedures.

With it, users can see plenty when there is little to no light as well as in low-light conditions. Quality ones are very precise, especially when it comes to short-range utilization. Some say that a written can be easily read with the help of IR illuminators.

Finally, another interesting use for the illuminator is signaling other individuals. Further, when you’re out in the dark, you may want to communicate with a fellow colleague or a friend who is right there with you. So, you can use Morse code and don’t even open your mouth to carry your message across.


Auto-gating in optics is super important even though some may neglect its significance. With that being said, this feature helps goggles when they get in touch with an unbelievably bright light. Yes, many optics have broken down as a result of them being flash-fried.

When your goggles are completely autogated, you don’t have to worry about them being damaged by bright lights. Instead, when they detect such a powerful source of light, they shut off to preserve themselves.

This is especially handy if you’re operating in urban and city areas where there is constantly bright light surrounding you. Also, if you plan on using them long-term, then it’s a feature worth paying attention to. However, you should be aware that it may slightly increase the price of the model.


This is a bit controversial subject when it comes to the right night vision goggles. That’s because the opinions of experts vary, so we’ll outline some of them.

For starters, some individuals advise higher magnification powers. That’s because even during the night time or in a low-light environment, it’s great to able to zoom in on a particular subject or object.

On the other hand, many people use night vision goggles for hunting, driving, and similar actions outdoors. Being able to zoom in a lot can seriously distort the image and deliver shaky visuals to the user.

Having said that, it pretty much boils down to the position you’re in. If you plan on being active and running, then less magnification would probably be better.

Mounting Systems

It’s isn’t rare for night vision goggles to be mounted. It’s something they share with other optics like monoculars and scopes. This cool feature enables users to operate hands-free. In other words, they don’t have to hold the goggles and can focus their attention on carrying a rifle or other objects that are crucial for the successful execution of the task at hand.

One of the mounting systems is the head mount. With it, you don’t need to purchase a helmet. Instead, a web of straps and bands around your head place the goggles right in front of your eyes. It’s said that the head mount tends to be a more affordable option and a lighter one, too. But, some buyers have complaints regarding comfort.

Moreover, a helmet mount represents another alternative. It’s very commonly found among users because it’s more comfortable on the head. Additionally, it’s often used in the military, thus increasing its popularity. For those who are interested in finding out more, night vision goggles are mounted on a helmet on a tensioned strap or just with a screw.

Weather Resilience

Night vision goggles are sturdy and tough. But they aren’t invincible when they face unrelenting and extreme weather. Because of that, you should first check out the region where you are planning to use the goggles. This research will significantly help you while shopping for the most suitable night vision goggles that are available on the market.

Subsequently, goggles put together two of the most fragile components found in optics. Those are glass and electronic parts. These two are the most susceptible to external conditions and can be very easily damaged by them. That’s why you should find an option to protect them well for the sake of the product’s durability as well as the quality of the results.

What’s more, low-end and affordable models are sealed to some degree and give some level of protection. This usually entails protection against dust particles and a small quantity of moisture. However, these models are far from giving a complete weather resistance. Reliable models are known for being O-ringed and nitrogen-purged for maximum safety.

It’s also found that sandstorms alongside rain and such can increasingly damage the models when they aren’t protected enough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my night vision goggles with my glasses on?

Answer: This depends on the eye relief capabilities of the goggles. But, it’s safe to say that most of the goggles out there enable you to do that. Glasses are an integral part of many users’ lives. So, manufacturers have taken this into consideration and have produced devices that enable the users to wear glasses and look through goggles. Still, beware that some goggles (even though very few) have eyepieces that are very close to the eyes and may cause some issues.

What can I use night vision goggles for?

Answer: The applications go far and beyond as there are a plethora of activities that can be executed with them. In fact, some observational tasks like hunting, surveillance, and similar require people to be active in the night. Besides them, users can use night vision goggles for running, crawling, military purposes, simple observation, walking, and such. Usually, all of these operations require your hands to be free to carry other devices and equipment, thus the goggles are a suitable solution.

Final words

All in all, there are many affordable night vision goggles on the market. The only complication is finding them and recognizing whether they match your needs. With some of the best night vision goggles that we presented earlier, we hope that we piqued your interest and helped you make the right decision. They all perform well during the night but still, some offer more than the others. The viewing area, magnification, weight, and design are some of the key details that differentiate them from one another. Of course, the brand’s reputation is important, as well. Customers tend to be loyal to something they are familiar with. Therefore, it’s not surprising that sometimes they purchase their products based on that alone. But this isn’t recommended as there are many new brands that are worthy of your attention. And their goggles incorporate some advanced technologies for making the nighttime experience even more enjoyable.

Now we would like to ask you to share your opinions. What would you recommend to the other users? Are you a first-time buyer of night vision goggles? Or have you previously done this? We would like to hear it all here in the comments.

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