Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binocular – Full Overview

Binoculars are essential for anyone who enjoys watching the water. Binoculars are intended to be used for looking at distant objects, especially ones that cannot be looked at with the naked eye. An excellent option for those who wish to further experience marine life up close.

Binoculars that can fit in one hand are ideal at the park or the aquarium. They are ideal to use while snorkeling and on those rare occasions when you want to watch a sunset.

They are a good choice for birdwatchers, wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, mountain climbers, marine enthusiasts and others who love fishing.

Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binocular Review

Are you looking for a way to protect your binoculars from water damage, sand, and dust? Well then look no further.

Bushnell Marine 7×50 waterproof binoculars are perfect for viewing sea life under water. It is a highly IPX7-Rated waterproof and foogproof binocular with generous magnification and very clear optics that work great for boating and marine adventure.

This waterproof binoculars are versatile and can be use for hunting and birdwatching.

These are not to be confused with waterproof binoculars designed for land use, suitable for the rainforest or a safari adventure. Instead, these are a choice of convenient binoculars that you can effortlessly take to the sea without worrying about their safety against water damage.

Features and benefits:

If you looking to have a easy marine binocular then Bushnell Marine 7×50 is ok for you. Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binocular has a wide field of view with the Porro prism system. These are not to be confused with waterproof binoculars intended for land use, these are designed for marine use to resist water damage. The optics in these binoculars are HD quality and will last you through the years with their durable nature, built to last materials and durable design.

This waterproof binocular is designed to be used in marine environments. They are coated with a rubber armor that is non-slip and non-skid. This comes in handy when you are on a boat or a boat is rocking around and you need something secure to hold on to. You can use these binoculars in salt water without worrying about corrosion damage, furthermore, they are also fog proof.

The body of the binocular is made entirely from high quality materials, this makes them light and less cumbersome than other options out there.

Bushnell Marine 7×50 comes with premium BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics. And the optics are coated with a UV protection coating to help keep them free from damage from the sun and wear. With this look at the water close up, you will see some incredible creatures swimming around on their own as well as some wildlife that you might not even have known about.

These waterproof binoculars have a weight of 2.25 pounds and dimensions of 7.01 x 2.8 x 7.4 inches. They offer a compact form that can be easily carried around in a backpack or bag.

If you looking for a binocular with image stabilization system for marine use then you can check this review.

Final thoughts about it

Bushnell Marine 7×50 is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to get away from the stress of everyday life and enjoy a day at the beach or in the waters. Good luck

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