Canon 12×36 Image Stabilization III Binoculars – Full Overview

Canon has been making professional lenses for decades, and this new addition to the popular 12×36 Image Stabilization III series binoculars is one of their most innovative yet. These binoculars are designed to be compact, rugged, and easy to use.

Binoculars are important to have on hand for watching wildlife, whale, sporting events and for marine use. But what’s the difference between regular binoculars and image stabilized binoculars?

Image stabilization gives you a clear view when your hands are shaky by moving the view in a controlled motion. This movement is called “image stabilization” because the image stays steady. Image stabilization reduces motion blur (a blurry image), which is caused by a moveable part of the optical system. It doesn’t eliminate motion blur entirely, but it helps you when you are trying to keep your focus on an object while taking a picture.

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Canon 12×36 Image Stabilization III Binoculars Review

If you looking for a image stabilized binocular for marine adventure, bird watching or hunting then “Canon 12×36 IS III” are perfect for such kinds of job. They use superb image stabilization system through optics technology that is equivalent to what Canon EF lenses would use.

It has a high magnification ratio of 12x with 36mm/1.42 in. objective lens diameter to provide clear and bright & high resolution images.

Additionally, they have Porro II Prisms which provide outstanding image resolution and minimize the loss of light while having doublet field-flattener for sharp virtually distortion free images from edge to edge. They also have long eye relief (14.5mm/0.57 in.) so they can stay comfortable for those with glasses.

The anti-reflective external design, have weather resistant construction, and also environmentally friendly & have low-temperature glass lenses.

We’ve reviewed most of the image stabilized binoculars in the market, take a look 10 best marine binoculars that has image stabilization system.

Consider few minutes to watch the video about clarity of without IS and with IS:

Benefits of Canon 12×36 IS III Binoculars

Image Stabilization is also beneficial when you are looking at an object that moves. For example, you may be looking at a mountain streaming by in the distance and find yourself dizzy and disoriented when the car in front of you accelerates. Image stabilization lets you stay focused longer by moving the image in a controlled manner, so your eye can quickly find the object again.

The Canon Image Stabilization III system allows you to adjust the speed of your eyepiece and focus, so you can keep working no matter how fast the action is. The multi-coated lenses are coated with fluorine to prevent any flare and distortion.

This binocular is made with the latest technology and it has a modern appearance that’s sleek, slim and durable.

It features a system that’s been optimized to provide you with optimum sharpness and allows you to capture images and details. Another feature with this model is the non-slip rubber coating for enhanced grip, which makes it highly useful for outdoor activities.


These high quality binoculars provide a clear image, with no blur and little to no defects. It’s great for birdwatching and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in wildlife watching. These are also very powerful and will come in handy all around the world.

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