How To Clean The Inside Lens Of Binoculars – A Widespread Guide

For many, enjoying nature up close with a pair of binoculars is an important part of life. But not all people know how to take care of these often costly instruments. No worries though, here is your guide on how to clean the inside lens of binoculars.

Binoculars must be cleaned regularly to prevent the lens from turning green and causing poor viewing and even ruined binoculars. Keep in mind that binoculars are expensive instruments, so it is important to store them in a good condition.

There are several reasons why the lens of a pair of binoculars would turn green:

– Dust or dirt getting into the lenses when the binoculars were not used for an extended period of time.

– Misuse of the binoculars, perhaps by mistreating it or hitting it against something.

– A coating on the lenses that turns green when moisture gets on it. This coating can be removed by cleaning them with a lens pen.

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Tools to clean binocular lens:-

  • Lens pen
  • Cleaning cotton cloth
  • Lens cleaning solution, water, or kit

How To Clean The Inside Lens Of Binoculars

1) Read the binocular manual
2) Remove dust
3) Apply water or kit
4) Use microfiber cloth

Read the binocular manual

This is necessary because it contains information to clean your binoculars. Finally, read the manual of the binoculars to know how to take good care of them. The manual is very important to clean them, besides on how to clean the inside lens of binoculars.

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Remove dust

Hold the binoculars upside down with lens pen and clean the inside of the binocular lens. Be careful, the lenses are very sensitive and you cannot clean it too much.

If it’s necessary to clean the inside of your binoculars use a specific cleaning solution to ensure the integrity of the device lenses and you should follow the manual that are included to ensure your binoculars inside are not damaged.

Cleaning with a lens pen can also be used to remove dust from the binoculars. You can use a lens pen, or you can wipe the sides of the bins with a cleaning cloth. If you using canned air, use it with caution, because it could damage your binoculars.

Apply water or kit

You must use a commercial lens cleaning solution that is specifically designed for sunglasses or eyeglasses. It’s very important to check if the manufacturers of commercial kits recommend their products for binoculars.

If there is a coating on the lenses that turns green when moisture gets on it, then use a cleaning kit to take care of this. If you don’t have the cleaning kit, then mix one teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of water and apply it to the lens. Be sure not to get any of the solution in the center focusing area or objective areas. Apply it with a clean cloth, but not too wet.

This is done by pouring some distilled water into a clear plastic cup. If it doesn’t fit inside the binocular, pour the water and remove the outer lens and wipe gently with a cotton cloth soaked in distilled water or lens cleaning solution.

Use microfiber cloth

It is recommended to use microfiber cloth or cotton cloth to wipe the lenses, so no scratches are made. You can also use lens cleaner or the cleaning solution to clean the binoculars with a slightly moistened lens cleaning tissue. Cleaning tool should be soft enough to be used to clean binoculars.

By knowing how to clean binoculars, you will be able to take good care of your pair of binoculars.

Cleaning Lens using microfiber cloth

Final words

In short, you have to pay attention to your binoculars. Don’t forget to use a lens pen at least twice a month and a wet wipe once a week. Do not leave your binoculars in direct sunlight or in a very hot environment for an extended time, for heat can change the shape of the glass and weakening the glue.

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