6 Tips for Hiding Your Trail Camera From Humans – A Ultimate Guide

If you are wondering how to hide your trail camera from humans, or if you are just curious about what the best methods are, this article will give you the knowledge so that you can make your own decision.

Trail cameras capture photos and videos of game animals as they move through the woods at night. For this reason, many hunters or outdoor adventurers like to place them in or near areas where game is likely to be most active.

Hiding a trail camera might be necessary, for example, if the device is not in your yard and you don’t want people to know about it. Let’s go and 6 tricks to prevent thefts:

Way To Hide Trail Camera From Humans

how to hide trail camera from humans

1. Right place to hide your trail camera

Consider the best places on which you can place your trail cameras. For example, do not place the camera directly on the ground. Instead, place it on a log or other object that appears natural. You might also want to cover any straps or wires that show on the device. You can either do this by using the strap to hang the camera from a tree branch, or you can simply place the strap against the tree. If there is no way to hide these straps, you might want to consider camouflaging them. You could use duct tape or colored electrical tape to make them blend in with their surroundings. For example of a trail camera that can be spotted by everybody:

Don’t do that

hide trail camera from humans

2. Choose a Decent Location

If you are trying to hide your trail camera, choose a location that seems natural. If you are placing the device in an area near water, consider putting it up on a log instead of placing it right on the ground. You might be able to place it out in the open if you are using camouflage.

In places where there are no trees, you might want to place your trail cameras under rocks or in areas where they can stay hidden from view. These areas can be in a forest or in a field. You should opt for a natural setting when placing your camera so that it blends in naturally to its surroundings.

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3. Camouflage to Your Cameras

When you are trying to hide your trail cameras, it’s important to use camouflage that looks natural . For example, you might choose a brown color for the unit instead of bright orange. Try to use colors that will blend in with the environment so that they are less likely to be seen.

It is also important to use natural colors so that it blends in with the environment. Anything with bright colors is going to stand out, so if you want to avoid interfering, it’s best to stick with dark, natural colors.

Anything with bright colors is going to stand out. If you are trying to hide your trail camera, it’s best to use natural colors that blend into surroundings. You might choose to use camouflage colors, which are available at any outdoor supply store, instead of bright red or orange. Have a look the masking trail camera on the right photo.

Trail camera camouflage
Source: wildlife monitoring solutions

4. Mounting Your Cameras

It’s best to hide your trail cameras away from the view of most eyes. If you already have a tree stand set up, you can simply use it instead. If not, consider mounting your camera on the side of a tree, or even on a metal object that can help hide its wires. You might be able to use your ladder again to reach the unit and adjust it.

If you are trying to camouflage your trail camera without using a tree stand, be creative with how it is mounted.

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5. Use Logs and Duct Tape

The logs are an excellent way to hide your trail cameras from humans easily. They are easy hiding places for cameras so that they can capture images of wildlife without being noticed by people nearby.

Duct tape is useful when you need a quick solution to a problem . If you want to camouflage your trail cameras, it’s worth a try. Make sure that the tape is applied evenly to your camera and looks natural in the environment. Using duct tape is a good way for people to identify your trail cameras if they happen upon them.

6. Use Out-of-the-Way Areas

Check all of the locations near your property and use them to hide your trail camera. These might be areas like:

– A wooded area that contains a fungal infection

– Some area in a river where animals feel safe from humans when swimming

– A dry creek bed that is not often used by humans

– A location in a farm farm where animals might be active when humans aren’t around.

Final words

There is no one way to hide a trail camera. However, you should review the ideas listed above and see which ones work best for you. With the tips, you should be able to pick out a good location for your unit and use natural materials to camouflage it so that it blends in with its surroundings. Take the time to place your camo camera carefully and it should be able to capture images of wildlife frequently. Best of luck

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