How To Hook Up Solar Panel To Game Trail Camera

Some people want trouble-free security, and that’s what a couple of websites want to give you! You can use solar panel camera cams to get that. These cameras run off of solar power and they need only the sun’s rays for their power.

What if you don’t have a sunny backyard? This article will show you what equipment is needed to set up these cameras and how to hook them up with solar panels.

Since solar panel can help take care of problems for your game trail camera, it is necessary to hook up the solar panel to the game trail camera. To do this, attach an output cable from the power source(solar panel) to any unused input on your game camera. The port will either be labeled “power in” or “12V out”. Put tape over the input if it is not unused. Then, attach the output cable to an adapter. The tip of the male end should be stripped and tinned to match the wire gauge of your solar panel. If it is necessary to split the output wires (due to a multi-wire panel), use a terminal block to connect them. Wrap all connections with electrical tape and then replace the panel cover.

If that sounds like too much information, you can always purchase a solar panel kit that has everything you need, including cables and adapters included in one package.

Without a solar panel, your game camera batteries will dwindle if you leave them on for a long time. The rechargeable batteries do not perform as well as alkaline batteries in cold weather and it is necessary to turn the device off to avoid draining the batteries. If you leave your game camera on all winter long, then it will be necessary to hook up a solar panel to prevent the device from draining its battery over the winter. 

In addition, there are cases where animals may produce energy from sun power. For example, an animal may chew through a power cable. Or there may be a spot where sunlight is extremely intense. In those cases, your camera may work if you use a solar panel instead of batteries.

Supplies needed for solar panel installation

Steps to hook up solar panel to game trail camera

1. Choose the right output output cable from your game trail camera. Some cameras have multiple outputs for different devices, so you may have to experiment with the cables before finding the one that works.

2. First of all, you have to connect the output cable to an adapter. It is very important that the tip of the male end is stripped and tinned. The tape can be removed after connecting to your solar panel. You can also use a peice of string if you like.

3. Next, connect the adapter to a solar panel using several meters of electrical tape and then put back on your game trail camera.

4. Use the remaining wire to connect the solar panel to any unused input on your game camera. Use tape to cover any unused inputs.

5. Finally, put back on the panel cover and you are ready to go!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you have some problem about hooking up solar panel, feel free to ask in the comment field below.

You can choose a solar panel which is large in size or small in size. There are some solar panel which is good for you, and some solar panel which will not be good for you.

There are many kinds of outputs that you can choose from. You can get a solar panel with 12V, 24V or 48V outputs. There are also different sizes of solar panels such as the 250W and 400W solar panels.

When it comes to the application of solar panels, there are different types of solar panel that you can choose. If you want to use solar panel for your game camera, then choose a solar panel with 12V output level. If you want to use solar panel for any other device, then choose a 500W or 1000W solar panel.

Different types of game cameras come with different types of outputs, so you need to buy the right solar panel for your game camera.

Solar power for game trail cameras is an excellent option to get energy. The only problem is how to hook up solar panel to game trail camera. Here we discussed step by step instruction about how to hook up solar panel to game trail camera.


Now you can get many benefits from solar panel for your game trail camera. Even you can find various kinds of solar panels for your game trail camera, such as 12V, 24V or 48V. Many kinds of solar panel that provide different output voltage to satisfy your demand. If you have a good experience in using a solar panel to power up your game trail camera, welcome to share in the comment below!

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