14 Night Vision Monocular With Head Mount – Features & Performance

Many hunters, sports observers, and others that stay outdoors at night are looking for the best night vision monocular with head mount on the market.

This is because it allows them to keep their eyes on the target without occupying their hands. If you’re one of them, you should be aware that there are many models to choose from.

Especially in recent years, outdoor activities at night like hunting, camping, and sports watching have become common for a lot of people across the world. However, to see all details clearly despite the darkness, they require a quality night vision monocular.

Night Vision Monocular With Head Mount

In this complete guide equipped with reviews of the top products in this field, we’ll explore all the details you should be aware of. So, let’s go!

Best Night Vision Monocular With Head Mount Devices

Depending on the price and the features, there are models of monocular made to satisfy various users’ needs. To assist you in picking the right one for you, here we’ll oversee the best products that unite the common preferences of many people. Enjoy!

SiOnyx Aurora Black

1 lithium battery required
Lens: 16 millimeters f/1.4, f2.0, f5.6
Dimensions: 4.69×2.52×2.09 inches
Weight: 3.52 ounces
2-year warranty

What strikes users as special about SiOnyx’s monocular is that it’s one of the rare ones with complete color views at night. It makes the objects and surroundings appear nearly like it’s day outside. The special low-light technology contributes to this alongside the big lens.

To increase the efficiency of the viewer and shooter it has a red dot that helps people determine where exactly they are. As a digital model, it possesses options for WiFi connection and transferring files through an app to smartphones or other devices for later viewing and sharing.
Eventually, it’s worth mentioning that the weight is relatively low, which is why the monocular is portable. Still, there are some downsides people talk about like the life of the battery being not enough for long recording.

Vbestlife Night Vision Monocular

Weight: around a pound
Magnification: 2 times
Can be mounted on headgear
High versatility

Besides just being a product from a reputable brand, this monocular delivers when it comes to image quality and performance. What’s more, its CMOS sensor and the fully-coated lens gives contrast to the views and makes sure the colors are accurate.

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable and portable, allowing users to take it everywhere with them. On the other hand, some users weren’t fans of the magnification powers which they thought can be improved.

Stealth Cam 1003571 Digital Night Vision Monocular

Zoom: 9 times
Weight: 13.4 ounces
Field of view: 7 degrees
Size of TFT screen: 1.5 inches

Illumination is one of this model’s strongest assets. When you pair that with exceptional zooming capabilities, you can see why the optics is great even during nighttime. Further, users can take pictures or record videos with it. And the integrated infrared filter makes it suitable for using during the day, as well. Due to the fact that it’s made of high-quality materials, it’s known to be a durable monocular.

A small note is that according to some, there are issues with the focus.

Bestguarder HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

Zoom: 1-5 times
Weight: 1.54 pounds
4 modifiable IR levels
Magnification: 6 times
Objective lens diameter: 50 millimeters

Illumination is one of this model’s strongest assets. When you pair that with exceptional zooming capabilities, you can see why the optics are great even during nighttime. Further, users can take pictures or record videos with it. It’s very user-friendly, too.

A small note is that according to some, the battery life is a bit shorter than the average. Also, the monocular doesn’t focus automatically.

Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Z Monocular

Magnification: 4.5 times
Viewing range: 656 feet
Field of view: 30 feet at 100 yard

Bushnell once again proves its status in the monocular industry with this model. Equinox Z has a very compact and elegant-looking design. That makes it exceedingly lightweight and easy to carry with you everywhere you go.

Thanks to magnification as well as the large field of view, the user can see plenty of the subject they’re observing and the surroundings. Also, it turns off automatically if it isn’t used for a while.

It’s worth mentioning that a few customers thought the model’s eye-piece adjustability and the inability to review pictures or videos as slight minuses.

ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular

Objective lens diameter: 40 millimeters
Magnification: 5 times
Observation range: 656 feet
Field of view: 5 x 3.75 degrees

The monocular sports a pretty decent optical quality as well as optimal zooming capabilities. Also, some users praised the image-capturing and video-recording features so they can reminisce about the memories with a time stamp. And there’s enough memory for that. The model has a rechargeable battery.

Still, some aspects can be improved in the opinion of a couple of buyers. For one, the user manual has very few details. And the buttons are a bit too close, thus decreasing the user-friendliness.

Night Owl IGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular

4 brightness settings
Frame rate: 2 to 30 fps
Magnification: 2.6 times
View angle: 12 degrees
Weight: 19.1 ounces
Field of view: 70 feet at 330 feet

Due to its advanced options, this model is suitable for hunting animals at night. At first glance, the monocular looks intriguing to users. The style promises that there are some useful features inside. And it makes it easy to hold and mount without special effort. The design enables the buttons to be pressed quickly, too.

When it comes to the views, there is an infrared sensitivity and the rate of the frame can be adjusted. Moreover, to improve the performance, it includes new technology that gives more clarity. The clear images and videos can be further transferred to external devices, using the various outputs.

However, it should be mentioned that users complained about difficulties to adjust the contrast.

Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular

Diameter of objective lens: 55 millimeters
Magnification: 12 times
Angle of view: 6.5 degrees
Field of view: 325 feet at 1000 yards
Prism: BAK-4

This monocular is known to deliver a satisfactory performance outdoors. As it’s versatile, people utilize it for all types of activities starting from bird watching and hiking to hunting.

The large magnification and BAK-4 prism make the views more accurate and colorful. To accompany them, it has a green objective lens, which is multi-coated. These clear images can be captured at various distances without losing much of the quality. Related to this, as an answer to the changing weather, this model has a solid design that’s fog proof and waterproof. Finally, the rubber armor helps users grip it tightly and hold it more comfortably.

Yet some buyers report certain downsides related to the image being a bit dark.

Barska NVX100 3x Night Vision Monocular

Magnification: 3 times
Digital zoom: 2 times
Diameter of objective lens: 14.5 millimeters
Resolution of screen: 640×480
Weight: 8.71 ounces
Field of view: 328 feet at 100 meters

Among the top things that people like about this monocular are the clear and sharp views in complete darkness. This is made possible thanks to the high magnification and high-definition optics.

Also, the infrared illuminator spreads the field of view further, making the surroundings more visible at night. Since this is a lightweight model, users can carry it with them on longer trips. And they can take pictures and record videos, which can later be transferred between devices and shared. The digital system is responsible for this.

However, some users view the fact that it needs AA batteries as a downside because they may run out of power while they’re outside and unable to buy new ones.

Night Owl Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer

Magnification: 2.1 times
Resolution of sensor: 640×480
Angle of view: 12 degrees
Weight: 4.93 ounces
Dimensions: 5.2×2.9×1.7 inches

Night Owl is a brand that makes quality models that look nice and are easy to operate. This one is no different. It has an ergonomic design with all controls clearly accessible to users without the need to look at the manual.

There are 3 output settings and as much as 5 settings connected to illumination that are preprogrammed. That way the brightness can be quickly and simply adjusted to match the needs imposed by the environment. No matter if it’s totally dark, the infrared illuminator integrated inside helps produce high-resolution views. Aside from this, the model has a low weight and is portable.

On the other hand, one of the main downsides worth mentioning is the lack of toughness in the design.

Firefield N-Vader 1-3x Digital Night Vision Monocular

Optical zoom: 1 time
Digital zoom: 3 times
1,000 mW illuminator
Viewing distance: 150 feet

In terms of size, this model is one of the smallest ones on the market. Yet this doesn’t mean that it has fewer features than the rest. In fact, it can boast with many useful details. Firstly, it has a design that’s built to incorporate all options responsible for the bright views even when it’s pitch black outside. Moreover, the range increases even further when the IR illuminator is on. Aside from the bright images, it contributes to the high resolution of the views, as well.

Another thing that users like about this model is that it’s comfortable and light to hold for a longer time. Yet they report certain troubles with the fact that batteries aren’t included in the package.

Carson MiniAura Digital Night Vision Monocular

Weight: 3.4 ounces
Dimensions: 2.6×2.2×2.2 inches
Field of view: 82 feet in complete darkness
Angle of view: 19 degrees
Requires 3 AAA batteries

Among the most notable features of this monocular is that it’s completely digital. This means that at night the views aren’t green but rather black and white. Also, they’re clear, allowing the users to quickly spot their targets. Not to mention that the intensity is adjustable and can be controlled with a single button.

Because it weighs a little and is compact, hikers and hunters can take with them on their long adventures. And they won’t worry that they’ll run out of power as the life of the battery tends to be long.

On the downside, though, buyers complain that there aren’t any features for taking photos and recording videos.

Aurosports 10-30×40 Zoom Monocular

Weight: 9.6 ounces
Field of view: 419 feet at 1000 yards
Magnification: 10-30 times
Diameter of objective lens: 40 millimeters
Dimensions: 7.3×2.6×2.6 inches

This is one more affordable model that sports some worthy options. Aside from being versatile and suitable for different types of activities from animal watching to hunting, it’s compact.

The large magnification and zoom enable users to see from afar and easily spot distant objects. It can be simply adjusted by pressing a button on the outside of the monocular. Also, the incorporated BAK-4 prism has a green and blue film for viewing. It plays a part in the crisp and bright views together with the dual focus. The eyecups, which can be twisted up deepen the focus even more.

As for durability, the model is waterproof and fog proof, preventing water, dust, and similar matters from damaging it. However, possible downsides are the lack of a phone adapter and the weight being a bit higher than some of the other models.

Pulsar Challenger GS Super Night Vision Monoculars

Magnification: 2.7 times
Diameter of objective lens: 50 millimeters
Detection range: 150 meters maximum
Weight: 17.6 ounces
Eye relief: 12 millimeters

Pulsar is a reputable brand known for its quality models. With this one that belongs to generation one of optics it proved this again. The monocular provides extra performance and high resolution thanks to the special technology and system incorporated in them. It unites the R-Contact optics and the intensifier tube. To enhance the sharpness, it has an eyepiece that consists of five lenses. Leaving this aside, the monocular can be mounted on the head and various weapons. It can’t be really affected by weather conditions since the housing is made of plastic and fiberglass for resisting water and dust.

However, it still has certain downsides like the price being expensive to many users.

How to Choose the Rights

Easily Usable and User-Friendliness

This feature usually boils down the monocular’s design and control adjustment capabilities. That’s why it’s a pretty important aspect of a model. Sometimes, buying a pricey model is nothing if the controls are too close together or if you can’t operate with it easily. Some expeditions require speed and users should be able to achieve that if they know where the controls are and can adjust them quickly.

Infrared (IR) Illuminators

This gadget improves the nigh-vision system of the monocular. Some models of these illuminators have different outputs so the user should find the ones that match their monocular and personal needs.

Preferences vs. Budget

Even when you’re buying a night vision monocular with a head mount, the trade-off between your needs and budget is more than present. That’s why before you go into buying one, assess your present preferences, and look for the right features and specifications accordingly. Just have in mind that the ones which “have it all” can sometimes empty your pockets. On the other hand, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Having said that, the monocular market has plenty of models that deliver excellent performance at pretty affordable prices.


Users who want to make the most of the monocular can buy an accessory or to use the monocular and its features to the fullest. In an ideal situation, a model can be compatible with lots of accessories and would still have an affordable price. No matter how useful and good-looking accessories are, users should beware that they can sometimes increase the overall price of the model if they come with the model. With that being said, they should only find the accessories that are only absolutely necessary to them. If you’re buying them separately, you can choose the ones that are essential and still get great value.

Facts About Night Vision Monocular

What’s specific about a night vision monocular is that buyers are primarily looking for great optics and sufficient illumination during the night. What’s more, the magnification powers should be adequate, too. Some recommend around 4 times or 5 times; some models even offer more than that. As users mount them on their helmets often, the weight is another key aspect. The model’s lightness is due to the overall design, which should be compact and easy-to-use besides being light.

Nowadays, users are looking to shoot images and take videos more and more. This is another side-feature that many manufacturers are building into the models. Having said that, the versatility in the accessories domain is desired among customers. If the model is easily adaptable to a large variety of accessories, the better.

Final Remarks

What’s your take on the night vision monocular with head mount? Have you used one before and if you have, what’s your favorite? Please get in touch with us and share your experience!

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