Spypoint Link Micro S Lte Solar Cellular Trail Camera Review

If you searching for a suitable solar cellular trail camera from Spypoint brand, then “Link Micro S LTE” series is perfect for you as per our expert’s review. Spypoint developed an excellent cellular trail camera in this unit that are remarkable for hunters.

They offer a number of compatible solar panel that can be used to recharge the camera batteries are easily. The “Solar Panel” themselves are lightweight, easy to install.

Spypoint Link Micro S Lte Solar Cellular Trail Camera Review

Cellular trail cameras are not new. However, the technology behind them is relatively new in comparison to the traditional infrared or flash trail cameras. You will probably find that the cellular option is a lot more popular than it has been in previous years. This is because cellular trail cameras offer you a lot more versatility in terms of the areas that you can monitor.

For example, if your property spans many acres and not all of those acres have an electrical source, this camera would be for you.

Spypoint Link Micro S Lte Solar Cellular Trail Camera is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to check out what’s going on in their backyard while they’re away.

The camera offers a trigger speed of 0.4 seconds, flash range of 80 feet and detection range of 80 feet at 10 megapixels, making it one of the more powerful cameras on the market while still boasting an efficient power source that can be recharged with an included LIT-10 lithium rechargeable battery pack.

Spypoint Link Micro S Lte also comes with a TRULY UNLIMITED plan to provide $10/month unlimited international data roaming and has a variety to features such as Wi-Fi access and cellular connectivity that helps you monitor your hunting areas from anywhere in the world.

Spypoint has just issued an update for their Link Micro S Lte line of solar cellular trail cameras that adds in-app video playback capability to their well-known camera lineup.

Overall, this is the perfect cellular trail camera for anyone who wants to cover a lot of ground with a stealthy.


  • Trigger speed of 0.4 seconds
  • Wide variety of options to capture HD images, and timed photo intervals
  • Wider detection range than other cellular trail cameras on the market


  • The device not waterproof

Last Verdict

This camera is rather expensive, however, it is worth the price if you need a longer-lasting solar cell trail camera with the best trigger time in the market.

While this product was very easy to use and provided quality results, it is not the most powerhouse-type camera on the market. The trigger speed of 0.4 seconds also makes this a product that is best for late-season game check-ups or monitoring animals during different seasons, as it may be difficult to activate shots from such a short trigger time in daylight conditions (if you’re prone to leaving when using light).

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