Tactical Hiking Pants – 15 Best Outdoor Gear

Tactical hiking pants are designed to offer protection against weather elements, ballistic panels and pockets, and other features. They also provide comfort that allows you to hike long distances without fatigue. These pants are usually worn by combat soldiers during outdoor activities as well as by police officers who go out into the field.

You might want to wear them for various purposes, which include hunting, fishing, and even recreational sports, such as hiking and backpacking. Although buying a pair isn’t going to cost you hundreds of dollars, you have to bear in mind that these pants won’t last forever. So, let’s see how you can choose the best tactical pants for hiking.

The 15 Best Tactical Hiking Pants

1. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro Lightweight Hiking Pants

Key Features: The 5.11 Taclite Pro is a great tactical hiking pant because it has a stretchy material that gives you maximum comfort in the outdoors, even in the rain. These lightweight waterproof pants are made using 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton.

The Teflon coating used on these tactical pants makes them quick drying after being washed in the washing machine. This means no more soaking wet clothes when you get home from work or hiking!

This product comes with many color options including black/tan, grey/black and tan/grey which makes them very versatile for any situation where you need something durable yet stylish at the same time!

These pants can be used for any outdoor activity you want to do such as hunting or fishing. They will keep you dry during any kind of weather condition including rain or snow because they are constructed using premium polyester and cotton mechanical stretch material which makes them incredibly durable while also making them extremely comfortable at the same time!

These pants come with 8 pockets including 2 right side drop cargo pockets with button closure flap plus 6 back pockets with button closure flaps; 2 left hand side cargo pockets with fly zipper closure flap plus 1 pair thigh cargo pockets located on each leg.

2. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Combat Hiking Pants

Key Features: The Free Soldier Men’s Tactical combat pants is a great option for hiking in any weather conditions. These hiking pants are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They have a zipper closure and the fabric is TC ripstop polyester with great water repellent treatment. The pants have DuPont TEFLON Coating repel the stains, liquids and soil which makes them comfortable and flexible in all situations. There are 10 pockets which can be used for carrying your equipment while hiking or camping.

The pants also feature an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear all day long as well as light weight so you don’t get tired carrying them around on your back when it’s hot outside! If you’re looking for hiking pants, then this product might just be what you need!

The pants are comfortable and lightweight, which makes them perfect for wearing when hiking or camping. They are made from a durable material that is also soft and flexible so they will not restrict your movement. The 10 pockets on the pants provide plenty of space to store your belongings while you’re out adventuring in the wilderness.

With an ergonomic design this pair of tactical pants offers comfort in all conditions whether you are traveling through rough terrain or just taking a morning hike around town!

3. CQR Men’s Flex Stretch Tactical Hiking Pants

Key Features: The CQR Men’s Flex Stretch Tactical Pants are a great choice for hikers, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and any outdoor enthusiast. These pants feature a 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton blend fabric that provides excellent moisture management while remaining durable and breathable.

The 30 inches Inseam provides ample room to move while wearing these hiking pants and they have a Duratax Ripstop material on the exterior to prevent tears or rips during intense activity.

The multi-tactic pockets provide easy access to your weapons at all times no matter where you’re going with this product! These tactical pants also feature heavy reinforced structure throughout the waistband area so that it can withstand any abuse without falling apart after just one use (which is exactly what happens if you get these wet).

4. LABEYZON Men’s Outdoor Work Military Tactical Pants

Key Features: Among the four tactical pants, Labezon Men’s Outdoor is one of the best choices for hikers and climbers. The material is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex, which makes it lightweight and ripstop material. It’s also comfortable to wear even when you’re on a long hike with heavy loads or wearing heavier boots.

These lightweight ripstop athletic pants boast a stretchable waistband that fits your body perfectly! It’s designed using three-dimensional sense ergonomic design to keep your knees & crotch area relaxed while walking or running. The knee & crotch areas are cut according to the ergonomic design of three-dimensional sense so they don’t cause any discomfort during exercise activities like mountain climbing etc.

The slope type leg cuffs not only make this tactical pant look great but also serve its purpose well, which is to prevent leakage when wearing them under wet conditions (rain). Moreover, these pants come with elastic waistbands with widened belt loops that provide extra comfortability while moving around freely without feeling restricted in any way possible, such as during hiking tours through rough terrain where there might be lots of rocks lying around everywhere, making movement difficult but still possible due to these new improved designs developed specifically for those types of situations where mobility becomes limited due to friction.

5. GSGGIG Men’s Outdoor Hiking Pants

Key Features: These pants are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They have a utility pocket style, mid-rise style and lightweight material. These hiking pants are comfortable and flexible fit that allows you to move freely in the woods. The pants have 8 pockets including 2 large cargo pockets with zippers at the sides for storing items like your first aid kit or water bottle; two side pockets which can be used for holding small items such as phones etc.; 1 hip pocket that accommodates cell phones; 1 back pocket which is big enough to store IDs or credit cards without taking up too much space inside your pack (you’ll still want to use a wallet); 2 front pockets: one on each leg with button closure that protects the contents from rain, dirt & debris when needed most!

The GSGGIG Men’s Outdoor Hiking Pants also feature breathable fabric, which helps keep you cool during hot weather conditions by drawing sweat away from your skin so it doesn’t build up inside these tactical pants, making them easier to wash after every hike. This durable tactical pant has anti-fading technology so they won’t lose color over time either thanks to their stain resistant properties, making them suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting season when there might be blood splashed everywhere after an animal gets wounded, but don’t worry, this pant will protect against any accidental stains caused by sharp objects like arrows sticking out through animals’ bodies.

6. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Outdoor Apparel

Key Features: These CQR Men’s tactical pants are made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton. The material is durable and can be worn for many years to come. It also dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about your gear getting wet if you get caught in the rain or snow.

The zipper closure on this pair of tactical pants is functional and provides an added layer of security while wearing them during outdoor activities like hiking or camping trips. These pants are designed for law enforcement officers, military personnel, hunters and outdoorsmen who need a reliable pair of pants that will keep up with their active lifestyles without compromising style or comfort levels!

These CQR Men’s Outdoor Apparel come with a variety of features, including: Duratax ripstop fabric; water-resistant/stain-resistant; elastic waistband; Tactical layout, machine washable, multi-purpose cargo pockets, durable construction that are perfect for your hiking needs.

7. CQR Men’s Flex Ripstop Tactical Pants

Key Features: If you’re looking for a pair of tactical pants that can withstand the elements, then CQR Men’s Flex Ripstop hiking pants are your best bet. These pants are made from 63% Polyester, 34% Cotton and 3% Elastane which makes them perfect for hiking in any weather conditions. The pants also have an easy-to-zipper closure at the waistband for added safety and protection when you need it most.

The pants feature an eight pocket design with multi-purpose pockets that include one large cargo pocket on each leg as well as side elastic waistband to keep your gear secure while on the trail or off duty time is spent relaxing in campfire light reading books while sipping hot cocoa by your side dish!

These pants are also equipped with a reinforced crotch gusset for added comfort and durability while in the field or at home on your couch.

They also feature a reinforced knee with a scuff guard at the hemline, so they can be worn while hiking through rugged terrain or just hanging out around town.

8. Under Armour Men’s Tactical Patrol Pants II

Key Features: The Under Armour Patrol II is a lightweight, water-resistant hiking pant that keeps you dry in the rain or when it’s wet outside. The material is 100% polyester ripstop and the pants are built with UA Storm technology, which repels water without sacrificing breathability.

The pants have an Ultra-durable ripstop fabric that has been engineered to do double duty—it can be used as a softshell layer when you need something more durable than your base layer but want something still breathable and flexible enough for movement around camp or on hikes in light rain.

They also feature a stretch-engineered waistband for superior mobility while being reinforced on the knees and crotch area, so they stay put while providing support during long days spent on your feet at work or play! If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then your perfect hiking key is Under Armour Patrol II.

 9. Survival Tactical Gear Men’s Ripstop Camping Hiking Pants

Key Features: These pants are made of durable NYCO Ripstop fabric, which is what is used in military uniforms and other outdoor gear. The material offers a high level of breathability and moisture resistance while also being tough enough to handle any kind of abuse you could dish out on the trail.

The pants have a 34-inch inseam, so they’re longer than most hiking pants I’ve reviewed before (though they do come with an elastic drawstring waistband). The zipper closure down one side makes this one easy to wear over your boots without having to worry about getting it tangled up in them.

There are two large pockets on each thigh, as well as two small pockets at the bottom of each leg for holding small items such as keys or energy bars; one on each side by your ankle area as well! Also included are reinforced knees along with double reinforced seat and knee areas plus double layer seat and knee area construction, so even though these might seem bulky when first walking around in them-after wearing them for a while. You won’t notice how heavy these feelings are because everything inside moves freely without feeling stiff or uncomfortable against the skin’s surface contact area.

10. Rothco Tactical BDU Pants Military Cargo Pants

Key Features: I’ve been wearing these pants for over a year now and they are still going strong. They have held up well in the rain, snow, mud, sand, etc. The only thing that has worn out is the zipper pull on one of the cargo pockets. It was replaced free of charge by Rothco.

These tactical BDU pants are made of polyester and cotton, with a camouflage pattern. The pants have buttons, drawstring closure, slant pocket and utility pockets on the legs as well as an authentic military button fly closure.

In addition to the features mentioned above, these tactical pants also have double stitched seams for added durability and reinforcement at knees and seat making them extremely comfortable. They also feature six versatile utility pockets which include two thigh pockets that can hold maps or other items you need while hiking in the woods or even during hunting season!

11. CQR Men’s Tactical Military Combat Hiking Pants

Key Features: These hiking pants are made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which provides you with a comfortable fit. The CQR ACU/BDU Tactical Pants Series is designed for military standard and law enforcement performance. It features a zipper closure on the leg pockets, three pocket styles (slant pocket, utility pocket, and flap pocket); flat-fell seams for extra durability; and a topstitched finish that makes it durable enough to withstand any situation you encounter when hiking or camping outdoors.

These pants come with multiple pockets with snag-resistant pocket flaps that allow easy access to your belongings while still keeping them hidden from prying eyes (like thieves). These pants also come with Duratex Ripstop Fabric, which makes them incredibly lightweight but very durable at the same time!

The tactical pants feature a topstitched finish that makes them durable enough to withstand any situation you encounter when hiking or camping outdoors.

12. NATUVENIX Ripstop Cargo Hiking Pants

Key Features: I’ve had it for about two weeks now and it has already gotten me through some pretty bad weather. I live in an area where there can be heavy rains and even snow at times. This pant has kept me dry and comfortable.

The NATUVENIX Ripstop cargo hiking pants are made of 100% polyester, so they’re easy to care for. They can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat or put in the dryer. The button-end closure means that there are no buttons to come undone during movement, which is especially helpful when you’re wearing them while hiking up a steep slope or climbing over rocks.

The dual side cargo pockets come in handy for storing your phone and other small items you need access to often. These pants have double-reinforced knees for added durability, which makes them ideal for working on construction sites where things may get messy at times. Finally, these tactical pants will keep water out while also keeping you warm during cold weather conditions!

13. Susclude Men’s Outdoor Cargo Military Tactical Pants

Key Features: The Susclude Men’s Outdoor Cargo Military Tactical Pants are made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex fabric. The pants are made with ripstop material, which is a combination of nylon and polyester, providing both strength and durability. These tactical pants have a 28-inch inseam and come with an elastic waistband that can be adjusted according to your height or body size.

The design of these tactical pants comes with plenty of pockets which will help you keep everything organized when you’re on the go. There is also an extra-wide belt loop at the back end; so you can wear this no matter what activity you plan on doing! These tactical pants have reinforced knees and crotch areas to ensure maximum protection against external threats such as rocks & sticks etc., while still maintaining mobility during outdoor activities such as hunting or hiking/climbing outdoors (which would also include climbing mountains).

14. Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants

Key Features: The Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor tactical pants are made of 93% Nylon and 7% Elastane fabric. This makes it waterproof, breathable, and quick-drying. It can be machine washable in a cold water cycle with like colors.

The pants have a hook and loop closure for added security when you are on the move or fighting off an enemy attack in the wild. The waistband is stretchable and comfortable to wear even after long hours of hiking or running around during your adventure trip!

If you need more pockets than just one inside pocket, then these tactical pants have 10 versatile low-profile front pockets that can easily hold anything you might need while out in nature! These include hip pockets with reinforced edges for knife clips; loops for key hooks, D-Rings or carabiners; reinforced knee stitching prevents tears from occurring due to harsh conditions such as rainstorms or snow storms, where other types wouldn’t stand up well enough against those kinds’ beating winds without ripping apart first, which makes them useless if we want something durable enough not only for working purposes but also travel purposes too.

15. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Tactical Pants

Key Features: The FREE SOLDIER tactical pants is a great option for hiking in any weather that gives you maximum comfort. These pants are made from a blend of ripstop fabric and DuPont Teflon water repellent coating to give you the most durable, waterproof material on the market. They have a 28-inch inseam, so you can wear them all day long without having to worry about them riding up or falling down. The pants are lightweight and comfortable, plus they’re breathable, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and durable enough for any outdoor activity you could think of doing!

The pants come with 11 multi-purpose cargo pockets that can hold everything from keys to knives or flashlights without taking up too much space in your pack or bag (which is always an issue). This makes these tactical hiking pants perfect for people who love camping but also want something more than just warm weather clothing; they’re perfect for both men and women alike! These pants also feature reinforced knees and 3D tailoring so that even after years of use, they won’t break down easily over time either-which means longer life spans between repairs if needed!

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How to Choose the Best Tactical Pants for Hiking!

Tactical pants are a must-have for any hiker who wants to keep up with the latest trends. Consider the following keys for choosing the right tactical pants for hiking:

Pants Fabric

Cotton is the best fabric of choice for hiking pants. It’s breathable and comfortable, durable, long lasting and comfortable to wear in all kinds of weather. Cotton doesn’t dry quickly when it gets wet; it absorbs water instead of letting it drip down your leg like a regular cotton shirt would do. This means you can hike through a rainstorm without worrying about getting too damp or having your feet get cold too quickly—and if you’re wearing wool socks as well (which we recommend), then those wool fibers will wick away moisture from inside them instead of soaking into the cotton fabric itself like they would with other materials like polyester or acrylic blends.

Cotton also performs well when it comes down to durability: many fabrics are prone towards fading over time due to exposure from sunlight or chemicals applied by maintenance workers who use harsh cleaners on equipment such as lawn mowers/lawn chairs etc. But not so much with cotton! This makes sense because there’s no chemical treatment involved which means less chance for discoloration happening here -the only downfall being how prone certain types might be compared against others depending upon where exactly within their respective categories

Relaxed fit pants

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that can be worn for hiking and casual wear, but not as well-suited to tactical use or work, a relaxed fit is the way to go.

Men's Pant Fits
Men’s pant fits

Relaxed fit pants are generally cut more like jeans than traditional hiking pants—they have lower waistbands and longer legs than regular hiking pants. This makes them great for everyday wear, but it also means that if you’re planning on wearing them in any situation where your clothing will be exposed (like at work), they won’t be ideal because they’ll sag around your waistline when bent over sometimes causing some serious muffin tops!

If this sounds like something you’d want in terms of your tactical gear selection, then take note: relaxed fits aren’t recommended here either because they won’t hold up well under heavy loads or stressors such as combat situations where there’s high risk of getting shot by someone else who might not know what exactly constitutes “military grade” material.

Ease of movement

The best tactical pants for hiking will have a stretchy fabric that allows you to move with ease. You don’t want to have any baggy areas, or tight areas that restrict movement and make it difficult to climb on rocks or run across open ground. These are the types of things you’ll need to think about when choosing your new pair of tactical pants.

If the material is too loose in any area (like around your waist), then there’s no reason to wear them—they’re just not going to be comfortable! If it’s too tight though, then this could be a problem if you’re hiking through rough terrain where being able to bend over without getting stuck under some shrubbery would be super helpful!


Comfort is a big consideration when choosing the best tactical pants for hiking. Tactical pants should be soft, non-restrictive and breathable. They should not have seams or zippers in them, buttons or velcro closures, pockets that could get caught on brush while climbing over logs or rocks, drawstrings or other fasteners that can snag on branches as you work your way up steep slopes.

The most important part of any tactical pant is the waistband: it must be elasticized enough for you to wear it comfortably without feeling like there’s too much material around your waist (and therefore restricting movement). To achieve this effect, try using an adjustable belt loop instead of a traditional buckle closure—this will help keep things from slipping down once they’ve been put on properly! Also look for pants that don’t include any type of drawstring at all; these often create chafing issues due to their tendency do bunch up under heavy loads over time–which defeats their purpose entirely!


When it comes to mobility, you want a pair of pants that can stretch and move with you. The best tactical pants for hiking will have an elastic waistband, zippered thigh pocket and pockets on all sides.

Pants Mobility

The side pockets are ideal for holding your phone or keys while trekking through rough terrain. This is also where many people stash their water bottles when they’re out in the woods for long periods of time—it’s nice to have them accessible without having them dangling off your back like some kind of backpacker’s crossbody purse!

The back pockets are another great place for storing items like snacks or maps (especially if they’re waterproof). They’ll stay dry too since these areas tend not get wet as much as other parts of our body do during activity such as running up hills or jumping off cliffs into lakes/rivers/etcetera.


The material used to make the pants is a key factor in durability. A nylon pant will be more durable than a leather one, but it won’t be as breathable and may not be as comfortable to wear. The stitching should also be done well; if not, you might end up with holes after only a few wears. Zippers are another factor to consider when looking at tactical pants: they should open easily and stay closed without snagging on things like pockets or zippers. Elastic waistbands can help prevent them from digging into your sides while hiking, but they aren’t always necessary unless you’re planning on wearing these types of pants often (or if they’ll get wet).

If you plan on spending time outdoors during difficult conditions (such as hiking through snow), then having pockets along both sides of each leg would come in handy! These pockets allow users easy access for water bottles or snacks alike—but remember that this could mean losing important items like keys inside them! If possible though, try sticking with only one side so there’s less chance someone else will accidentally take something from under your nose while walking down the trail together later on down there.

Weather protection

The best hiking pants are made from waterproof fabrics, which means that they will keep you dry in any weather.

Waterproof fabrics include:

  • Waterproof fabric (a synthetic material with a water repellent finish)
  • Waterproof membrane (a thin layer of rubberized material used on the inside)
  • Waterproof zippers, pockets and waistband (the parts of a garment that cover your body)

In addition to being waterproof, these materials should also be breathable so you don’t overheat when wearing them.

Storage capacity

You’ll have to decide how many pockets you need and what types of pockets you want.

The number of pockets on your tactical pants can vary, but it’s important to know that the more features a pair has, the more difficult it is to organize them all. For example: if you’re going to store everything from water bottles to snacks in your pants, then having multiple zippered compartments is key because they will hold everything without having too much bulk or weight on your back during long hikes or runs.

Multi pockets on tactical hiking pants

On the other hand, if all that’s important about this piece of clothing is keeping things safe while exercising outdoors—like an iPhone—then having fewer pockets might be better since they would only offer protection against theft rather than being able to carry everything else at once (which might be difficult).

Understanding About Tactical Pants Size

Size (inch)Waist (inch)Hip (inch)Inseam (inch)

Last Lines

Do you want to hike outside without having to worry about rain or wind? Or maybe you are looking to explore nature but don’t want to leave home outfitted in hiking boots? Well, then consider these tactical pants. They are designed to provide maximum comfort along with protection from weather elements.

With over 250 million acres of land designated as wilderness areas alone in the U.S., outdoor enthusiasts are often left wanting more time outdoors. And, with increasing climate change predictions, it has become more important than ever to take advantage of natural resources before they disappear. In addition, more Americans are choosing to live closer to where they work to save money. This means a larger percentage of American households now lack access to their nearest park. For these reasons, new technologies such as smart phones and apps are being developed to help individuals experience the benefits of nature’s great outdoors in ways never before imagined.

Tactical pants are perfect for those who enjoy spending extended periods hiking through various terrains. These pants are durable and have excellent mobility features. What makes them unique is their ability to withstand wet conditions, extreme temperatures, and even high altitude environments. Enjoy your outdoor climate.

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