Tasco 8MP Trail Camera Review, Hints & Comments

As per Gear Odds expert team review the Tasco 8mp trail camera are probably one of the most important hunting tools available. They can help you clarify your hunting area, scout animal patterns and habits, and track deer movement.

These cameras have been used by hunters for decades to produce some of the most crucial information when planning a hunt. Read full details about this Tasco device from Gear odds experts voice.

Tasco 8MP Trail Camera Review

The Tasco 8MP Trail Camera is perfect for a user’s first or tenth camera. With its 50-foot flash range and 720P video capability, you can see so much detail in the color images that this trail camera produces for daytime.

The trigger speed of 1 second allows you to capture many shots but not overload with the same pictures. This 6 months battery life allows you to use the device without worry of it running out before your hunt is finished.

It can accept up to a 32GB SD card, not included. The grey paint finish of the body of this camera gives it a clean look and not to mention, means that it wont be as easy to spot as other cameras.

You will have plenty of time to plan your hunt when you have this device on the hook. You will be able to see the activity in your area in real time and take action if needed.

This is one of those products that you probably notice very quickly, which is a good thing because the end user will appreciate the value of this unit.

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  • First and foremost, a tremendous value for the money you pay.
  • This is a very affordable camera that allows you to take advantage of all its features. At this price point it’s hard to find a better option than this in the market.


  • Trigger speed bit high, to compare you can check these trail cameras.

And other thing this device not much suitable better than the Tasco Low Glow 12MP trail camera.

Final Thoughts

From my experience the Tasco 8MP Trail Camera is perfect for those with no experience in the field of hunting with wildlife, hunter’s can learn with this device.

This trail cam is the perfect entry level camera, you can use for both hunting and wildlife monitoring. You might want to look for something more advanced if you are an advance user and want to get more advanced features than this.

Still if you are looking for something that has a lot of features, check below reviews.

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