Privacy Policy

Gear Odds (“Gear Odds”) is responsible for running and holds the right to run other websites. While doing so, the site guarantees users’ privacy in terms of data that may be gathered during their utilization of the website. This is stated clearly in this policy.

Gathering Non-Personal Data about Users

In order to explore and discover how users utilize the site and on which pages precisely they spend most of their time, Gear Odds gathers non-personally-identifying details. Those details are usually obtained through servers and web browsers, which offer them to the site. Among the data are the type of browsers the users have, their language preference, exact time and date of their visit as well as the site that referred them to Sometimes, the data may find its place in reports and publications stating the utilization trends and other aggregates.

Aside from this, you should be aware that the site can gather details that are personally identifiable such as IP addresses from users that visited and logged into the site and commented on the threads and blogs. You’ll learn more about these details in the following paragraphs. For now, it should be noted that the IP addresses are presented by Gear Odds in the same way that it deals with the other personal data explained below with the only difference being that the IP addresses and email addresses of those that comment are given to the operators of the site or blog where the comment was shared.

Collecting Details That Are Реrѕоnаllу-Іdеntіfуіng

While they are interacting with the site, users are prone to leave personally identifying details that are collected by Gear Odds. Depending on the ways they utilize the site, the kinds of data and amount may vary. For one, users are asked to give away their username and email if they want to create an account on the site. And in case they want to participate in transactions, they will be asked for more details like financial and personal information required for finishing the transactions. However, Gear Odds presents and gathers those details only in the ways that are explained below. Not to mention that users are free to refuse to share their details but in this case, they have to accept that certain aspects of the site will remain hidden from them.


Statistics related to the users’ behavior may be gathered by Gear Odds, as well. The site may even make these statistics available to the public or to people that ask for them. Nevertheless, the personal details of the visitors are not shared in any way that’s different from what we discuss below.

Keeping Personal Details Safe

The personally-identifying details and the potentially personally-identifying details are shared only with those that are directly connected to the site like affiliated organizations, employees, and contractors for several purposes and conditions among which are 1) providing services that are shown on the site and processing the details on behalf of Gear Odds; 2) agreeing to keep them to themselves and not send them to other parties. Even though, these employees, organizations, and contractors may be situated outside of your country, by visiting and utilizing the site you confirm that your personal details can be sent to them. However, selling or renting of those details is strictly prohibited and it is against this policy.

Aside from the aforementioned, Gear Odds may provide the potential personal and personally identifying data in the event of subpoenas, orders issued by the court, governmental requirements, and when Gear Odds firmly thinks that those details are needed to protect their rights.

As for your email address, be aware that in case you are a user with an account on the site and have provided your address, you may receive emails from Gear Odds containing updates, news about features as well as requests for feedback. Finally, Gear Odds is focused on ensuring the details stay safe from unauthorized access, utilization, or modification.


Cookies are data that are placed on the users’ devices by a website and later the browser sends them to the website whenever the users return to it. The same as most websites, Gear Odds takes advantage of cookies in order to be able to track users, identify them and their preferences as well as how they utilize the website and its services.

If you do not want your device to have cookies stored on it, you should optimize your browsers to stop cookies when they notice them. This should happen before you start utilizing the site. However, have in mind that without the cookies some features may not operate properly and you may not be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Transfers Related to Business

In case an unfortunate event of bankruptcy or losing assets, and stopping its operations happens, Gear Odds would transfer all details of the users to the third party that has acquired the site. With this policy, you accept that this may happen and that the one that acquires Gear Odds will get a hold of your details.


Advertisers may place cookies through advertisements on the website. Thanks to these cookies, the advertising servers get familiar with your device every time they gather your personal details through online advertisements. More precisely, your details enable advertisers to pick ads targeted to you and your preferences. Only have in mind that this policy does not look into the utilization of cookies by advertisers; only by Gear Odds.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Gear Odds attains the right to modify and change this privacy policy as the site sees fit. Even though these changes are not bound to be big or very impactful, the users are encouraged to come back to this page and see whether any changes have been made. Those that hold an account on this site may be alerted of the modifications beforehand on their email addresses. By continuing to utilize this website and its services, you confirm that you know about the changes and accept them the way they are.