How to Use Binoculars: Ultimate Tips and Tricks You Need

It’s a fact that not everyone knows how to use binoculars. This instrument plays a pivotal role in so many outdoor activities. Actually, whether it’s birdwatching, hunting, observing nature or attending a stadium event, you may want to get some binos.

The main aim is to get a closer look at the desired object. Sometimes getting detailed and clear images is imperative in order to see better. That won’t be achieved if the binoculars aren’t utilized properly.

So, today’s post is precisely about that. More precisely, it’s about how to operate with them to achieve the most out of them. We’ll spend a few words on how to focus binoculars, how to hold them and more. There will also be a piece dedicated to understanding the model you’ve bought and how to clean and protect it. These are the tips and tricks you need!

Understand Your Binoculars

How to Use Binoculars
Understanding Binoculars. Source:

Before you start using your binos, you have to first familiarize yourself with the parts of the model. Let’s begin with that users usually receive when they make the purchase.

Binoculars come in a carrying bag. Attached to it is a strap that’s made from slinging over your shoulder. There is also another type of strap called a neck strap. As the name itself suggests, it’s for safe carrying the model instead of in your hands.

Besides the actual binoculars, buyers often get a cleaning cloth for easier maintenance. When it comes to additional protection, four lens caps for the two sets of lenses are often found with the model.

Now, it’s time to move on to the actual binoculars. Users should know that there are two types of lenses. The first ones are the bigger objective lenses. They are on the front and serve to collect light. The second type of lenses are the eyepieces. They’re slightly smaller. Also, you look through these.

Among the first things one should do is to adjust the two eyepieces. That’s because they should match the distance between one’s eyes. And it may be different for different people.

Another important aspect is the focus wheel. It’s placed in the center of the model in most binoculars. Similar to it is the diopter ring. This ring is placed on the right eyepiece. It’s placed there to adjust the vision. More on this later.

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Holding the Binoculars

Holding the BinocularsWhat’s at the same time interesting and relaxing for you is that you can hold your binos the way you like. Moreover, you should feel comfortable while using them. That’s because sometimes you may have to operate with them for a longer period or in an uncomfortable setting.

One common way of holding binos is by placing the two hands around the barrels. That works well for regular-sized models. For more stability, you may retreat your elbows closer to your body. Another option is to prop them against a solid object like a table or a rock. Some people let the thumbs touch their cheekbones. But that position may look a little weirder and unnatural when seen from aside.

For smaller and compact models, you can hold them with only one hand. If you have bigger hands, you can hold the barrels with the tip of the fingers of both hands.

Another helpful tip is to get yourself a tripod. There are many models who are tripod-adaptable, so use that to your advantage.

The bottom line is to achieve stable visuals and be able to magnify and focus them.

How to Pull Off Focusing

focusing ring
Focusing ring. Source:

Understandably, this is one of the biggest problems beginners face. However, once they get a hang of it, it’s actually very easy.

As we previously stated, it’s important to adjust the barrels with the distance of your eyes. You’ll know that you’ve done it successfully when you see a perfect circle. There shouldn’t be any dark edges in your vision.

The second step is to pick an object. Make sure that it’s distanced from you. That way you can practice better. Keep both of your eyes open. At the same time, turn the center focus wheel.

After that, introduce yourself to fine focusing. It’s a process where you should adjust the focus eye by eye. First, shut your right eye. Adjust the focus wheel while looking with only your left eye. Then, change positions. Close your left eye and adjust the focus with your right eye open. When you focus with just the right eye, you don’t use the focus wheel. Instead, you adjust the diopter ring we previously mentioned. Do that until your right eye sees the object sharply focused.

Finally, open your eyes. Check if the object is very clear and detailed when you see it with both eyes. If that’s not the case, repeat the process and make small modifications.

A pro tip – if you have to strain your eyes heavily while watching, your binos may be faulty. The same may apply if seeing through them gives you headaches. You should check with the manufacturer or the seller. For more please watch my article about how to focus binoculars in right way.

Watch how to use Binoculars in right way on bellow video:

Cleaning the Binoculars

No matter the brand or the price, every model must be cleaned. Rubbing the lenses off of your shirt doesn’t sound like a smart idea in the long run. That’s because it may lead to scratches and less clear visuals.

You may begin with getting rid of little particles that may be found on the lenses. That can be done by using compressed air or yet by simply brushing them off with a small brush. Then, put some cleaning solution on the lens cloth and wipe the lenses carefully. After that’s over, go over the lenses with the dry part of the cloth. Repeat the steps if you still find smudges or particles.


The most important aspects of using binoculars are understanding them as well as holding, focusing, and cleaning them. Hopefully, with this post, you’ll be able to do that properly.

What do you think? Are there some other tips you know about operating with binoculars? Share them with us and never forget to leave a comment about Gear Odds!

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