What to wear on a hiking date

A hiking date is an excellent way to get out of the city and into nature. Hiking is a great way to build up a sweat, work off those extra holiday calories, and enjoy some quality time with your special someone. But there are certain things you should know before embarking on your first hiking date!

Here are some tips for what to wear on a hiking date:

A comfortable, waterproof windbreaker

  • Comfortable: You don’t want your clothes to be constricting or uncomfortable, especially when you’re going to be hiking for several hours.
  • Waterproof: This is essential if you’re planning on taking a long hike with your date in rainy conditions, as it will keep the rain from soaking through both of your layers and making them heavier and wetter than they should be.
  • Windproof: Depending on where you live, this may not matter as much, but it’s still worth noting that sometimes windbreakers can be a bit flimsy and allow air through easily if there’s much wind at all (which can feel cold). If this is an issue for you, then look for a jacket that blocks out more air flow than most!
  • Breathable: This will help keep you warm while hiking up mountains or walking around town; it’ll also prevent any buildup of perspiration within the fabric itself so that sweat doesn’t weigh down your clothing unnecessarily when moving around athletically during exercise time outside with friends or family members.”

Hiking boots

Hiking Boots
Hiking Boots

When it comes to hiking boots, there are a few things to look for. You want something that’s comfortable, supportive, and waterproof—and it should have good traction. Plus, you’ll want a pair of boots that are broken in before use so as not to give yourself blisters during your hike. Also look for durability and long-lastingness; this will save money in the long run!

When buying your first pair of hiking boots, keep these things in mind: comfortability (the more comfortable they are on your feet when trying them on indoors) supportiveness (how well do they support your ankles?) water resistance (will they keep out water?) traction (will they keep me from slipping?) durability/long-lastingness (how long will these last before falling apart? What can happen if I wear them every day without taking breaks?) ease of cleaning/drying


Sunscreen is a must. You should wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine, and even when it’s cloudy out (UV rays can penetrate clouds). Sunscreen should be applied at least 15 minutes before you go out in the sun so that your skin has time to absorb it fully. You should reapply sunscreen every two hours while you’re outside, as well as after swimming or drying off from sweating.

You can buy sunscreen at any drugstore or grocery store—they come in many different forms from lotions to powders to sprays—so don’t worry about getting the perfect one for your hiking date; just pick up whatever seems convenient for your pocketbook and needs!


You should wear sunglasses on your hiking date to protect your eyes from UV rays. Make sure that they fit well, are comfortable to wear, and not too dark. You should also not wear them if you are driving or need to see clearly.

Good socks

The most important part of hiking wear is the socks. Good hiking socks are made from high-quality merino wool and will be thinner than cotton socks, but not so thin that they don’t provide some cushioning for your feet. They should also be snug enough to stay put without being tight or constrictive.

  • Don’t wear: Cotton
  • Don’t wear: Anything too thick (like yoga pants)
  • Don’t wear: Thin, synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon

Water bottle

Your water bottle should be able to hold a minimum of two liters, but I recommend getting one that holds more than that. If you’re going on a longer hike and want to make sure you don’t run out of water, get something bigger. You also want to make sure that it can be refilled easily at water sources along the trail, so look for a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning. Make sure your water bottle isn’t too heavy or bulky by considering how many times you will have to refill it during your hike—you don’t want it weighing down your pack!

A hat with a brim

  • The brim of a hat shields your face from the sun, protecting you from damaging rays.
  • It also shades your neck, ears and shoulders so they don’t get burned.
  • The brim will keep the back of your neck cool as well.

A backpack

The backpack is one of the most important pieces of hiking gear you need to bring on a date. You should be able to carry all your supplies in it, including water bottles and snacks, so make sure it’s comfortable with a waist strap that can help distribute the weight evenly. Make sure it’s waterproof as well—you don’t want your stuff getting wet while you’re out on the trail!

It’s important to stay dry, warm and protected from sun exposure.

As you’re preparing for your date, it’s important to remember that how you dress can affect your comfort level and your overall enjoyment of the hike. Even if your date has no idea what they’re doing and they’ve just been flailing around in the woods on their own all day, they will appreciate being able to rely on you as their partner in survival.

If you want to make sure that both of you are comfortable while hiking, then it’s worth investing in some quality gear. The right clothing will help protect against sun exposure while keeping you dry; meanwhile, warm layers allow for extra protection from cold weather conditions when necessary.

There are many types of materials used in hiking apparel today such as wool blends which provide warmth without adding bulkiness or waterproof gear made from synthetic fibers such as polyester


The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank on hiking clothes. You can find a wide variety of hiking clothes that are comfortable, good-looking and affordable at your local outdoor store or department store. But the most important thing is to be prepared for any weather conditions and bring plenty of supplies before you leave.

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