11 Best Trail Cameras Under $100 in 2022 – Reviews and Tips

Nowadays, high-quality cameras are essential for wildlife enthusiasts. The current digital era has created new technology that has made the era of the traditional camera obsolete, and we’ve introduce here 11 best trail cameras, each price under $100.

Many hunters have switched to using smartphones with applications that provide them with reliable sources of information on game activity without actually having to get up close and personal.

Whatever if you looking for an affordable and best trail cameras for your outdoor needs or for home security surveillance, then you are come to the right place.

Best Trail Cameras Under $100

The trail cameras list reviewed by our experts, come with many features including external flash capability, which is one of the characteristics that make them suitable for use by hunters. Take a look below to check out our list:

A Quick Comparison:

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The 11 Best Trail Cameras Under $100

1. GardePro E6 Trail Camera (Best Overall)

If you looking for the best trail cameras that send pictures to your smartphone, then GardePro E6 is perfect match for you and this trail camera cost under $100. This camera features wide 110° view angle along with the cutting-edge image sensor, which delivers high quality pictures and videos.

The GardePro E6 Trail Camera is the perfect product for capturing crystal clear images of the outdoors in all seasons. The fast trigger speed and recovery time allows us to capture up to 2304x1296P H.264 video with crystal clear images. The E6 multi-sensor kit works great for any weather conditions!


  • No Glow Night Vision
  • No monthly fee and no remote control is required to access it
  • Reasonable price range
  • High quality photos and videos


  • Some reviewers complain it about “the battery life is not good”.

2. Felixcam 4K WiFi Trail Camera

Felixcam 4K trail camera is suitable for deer hunting and for any traditional hunters in both day and night, with its 24 MP clear image capturing animals in their natural habitat. The trail camera can be used in -20℃-60℃ operation temperature, which keeps your camera well-oiled and able to perform well in any environment.

In addition, this trail camera has a 1080p HD video resolution that could capture high quality videos of wildlife at night. It also uses 34 leds to provide clear and vivid images, and we can see the distance between the camera and subject easily by checking the red indicator light on the front of the trail camera.


  • 0.2s Triger Speed
  • Up to 100 feet Trigger Distance
  • Inexpensive price
  • Suitable for hunter(s)
  • Rugged


  • This camera can’t connect to home WiFi

3. Vikeri 1080P 16MP Trail Camera

The Vikeri 1080P 16MP Trail Camera is a perfect hunting tool that can be used for capturing photos and videos of animals in the wild including images of wildlife at night. This camera comes with a 2.4″ LCD color screen that makes it easy to view photos and videos. The high-grade IP66 materials provide protection from any environmental factors such as rain, dust, or shockwaves from bullets.

And the sensor technology provides great quality images even during the dark night with up to 25 meters (80 feet) or 20 meters (65 feet) of trigger distance and lightning-fast trigger speed respectively.


  • The best part about this camera is its stealth feature which allows you not to intrude on your prey’s natural habitat with 48 no glow infrared LEDs to capture images of game.
  • Unlike regular trail cameras which work with motion detection only this camera will capture photos and video even if no movement is detected.


  • Someone complain the default batteries life not good.

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4. Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera

Bushnell is a trusted line, as well Bushnell is an American firm, that produces binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, red dot sights, GPS devices, telescopes and many more, who working more than 5 decades and it is designed to be used in all sorts of environments. It is perfect for trail hunting, wildlife viewing, and home security surveillance.

The Bushnell Trophy includes a 20MP camera that can capture images in clear HD 1080p with 1280×720 for video for up to 24 hours day or night. It also has night vision infrared (IR) flash range up to 80 feet which can provide color at night or black & white during the daytime. The camo pattern blends well with the environment and it is easily programmable so you can control all of its settings remotely from your computer or tablet.


  • The camera is easy to set up and use, allowing you to have all the images you want with little effort.
  • The camera is also well-built to stand long hours of use and works incredibly well in extreme weather conditions so it will last for years without needing repairs.


  • 0.7 Second trigger speed little bit high better than other products

5. WOSPORTS WiFi Trail Camera

No more waiting around to catch the action on your smart phone. Just set up this WOSPORTS WiFi Trail camera in an area you want to monitor, and start capturing clear images that are sent directly to your phone via WOSPORTS cloud upload. With image resolution up to 30MP, and a wide detection angle, this trail camera is perfect for those concerned about security and nature enthusiasts.

The 30MP image with a 1080P HD video is captured with a 120° detection angle. And 0.3s trigger speed will have the camera capture still images or videos of what comes in front of it. You can adjust the PIR interval settings and image/video quality according to the need with the help of the 2.0” LCD screen of this WiFi camera.


  • 30MP crisp image and 1440p HD video
  • Easy to install and operate it


  • Some older version of Samsung smartphone not compatible with this camera app

6. GardePro A3 Trail Camera

This camera is equipped with a ultra-clear SONY Starvis sensor and large aperture lens, which create clear night vision. It also features fast motion detection and no glow invisible infrared technology for outdoor wildlife trail and home security. It records H.264 1080P 30fps video with sound and has a crisp clear 20MP picture.

The camera also comes with no glow night vision range of 100ft, fast 0.1s trigger speed, 0.5s recovery time and 82ft detection distance for accurate pictures that will capture perfect shots of your target animal or object up to a range of 128ft away from the camera’s lens housing frame on a standard SD card up to 128GB capacity size.


  • Fast 0.1s trigger speed, 0.5s recovery time
  • Ultra clear SONY imaging technology
  • No glow night vision range 100ft


  • SD card and batteries not included

7. Meidase P40 Trail Camera

The Meidase P40 Trail Camera capturing 24MP crystal in still images which are recorded in the format of 1296P HD video with sound. It also has a 110° field of view which make it suitable to take landscape photos. It can be described as one of the hardest cameras around when it comes to low light photography, having an IR Night Vision that work without glow up to 75ft.

All this plus an IP66 waterproof rating means you can take your Meidase P40 anywhere whether rain or shine. The Meidase P40 Trail Camera also has amazing trigger speed at 0.2 seconds, giving it enough time to capture all those unexpected moments. For its price, the Meidase P40 is the best Trail Camera under $100.


  • Fast 0.2s trigger speed
  • 1296P HD Video
  • No glow night vision range 75ft


  • Someone said the design look not good

8. UsoGood WiFi Trail Camera

UsoGood is a low-cost smart trail camera under $100. This is a high-quality device which has been designed to capture video with audio and still images. It features a 1296p resolution, which makes it perfect for capturing videos at night.

Other important features of this camera are that it operates on a wireless connection and has three PIR sensors with a 120° detection angle in total, enabling you to shoot from any angle without missing anything! The UsoGood is one of the most advanced devices in its class and captures everything from 0.2s onwards.


  • Built-in WiFi and Phone APP Control
  • Video Resolution 1296P with Audio
  • No Glow


  • It’s 1.34 pounds

9. JOH 4K 32MP Trail Camera

The JOH 4K 32MP Trail Camera brings technological innovation to the hunting game. Designed with a high-quality, ultra-fast sensor and the latest in low-Glow IR LED technology, this camera captures detailed nighttime images & videos all without leaving the comfort of your home. The 3840×2160 Ultra HD footage is not only of excellent quality, but it is exceptionally easy on the eye when viewing your active game hunting/scouting location.

This camera doesn’t just offer high-quality video and images in an amateur-level trail cam, it is capable of shooting at 32MP in vibrant color when shooting still images. The JOH 4K is designed for maximum durability in the harshest weather conditions, including extreme heat and cold temperatures.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Suitable for hunters
  • Boasts 3840×2160 pixels video with crisp image


  • It’s 1.57 pounds

10. TIDEWE Trail Camera

The TideWe Trail Cameras are the perfect solution for your outdoor monitoring needs- whether You’re merely looking to get some shots of animals in the wild, or you fancy yourself a true hunter. And TideWe is the best trail cameras under $100, the value of money.

The three passive infrared sensors enable these cameras to trigger instantly in 0.2s of detecting movement, meaning that the camera will never miss any of the action that you’re after.

TideWe’s trail cameras are equipped with four powerful infrared LEDs, which enable them to capture 32MP images and 4K videos, providing a clear and exciting visual. With 45 advanced infrared LEDs, these Trail Cameras can catch any moment even in the dark.

The 950nm upgraded infrared technology emits no light at night while supporting incredible clear night vision photos without disturbing animals. These add to the already impressive 32GG SD card, which the camera comes with.

This hunting camera is designed with 120° Wide angle range. It will offer broader shooting views, and record any movements within its range. The vivid tree and leaf design increases its concealment, without disturbing wildlife. 32G SD card, USB cable, mounting rope and 3 screws are also included in the package for hassle-free use again and again!


  • Easy to install and operates it
  • 120° Wide angle range
  • 0.2s Trigger speed with 3 PIR


  • AA batteries not included

11. TOPVISION 4K Lite Trail Camera

The TOPVISION 4K Lite Trail Camera is a great and innovative new product by the company. The camera is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connection function so you can see what the camera sees on your mobile app. You can also control it remotely as well as capture some really amazing images of nature as it happens in real time!

This device has a 24MP quality, which gives you crisp images during the day and black and white photos at night. The night vision mode will help you track more reclusive animals like owls and badgers at their night time habits without making them know you’re there!

So, once this product detects any movements, it will be triggered to shoot a photo within 0.2 seconds without delay. This camera also has some really nifty features that I love. It’s equipped with an adjustable PIR motion sensor that can detect motions up to 65 feet away, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the action! This camera also has some incredible burst photo modes, including three modes: 3-photos, 5-photos and 10-photos.


  • 100 Feet IR Flash Distance w/48 IR LEDs
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Lightning-0.2s trigger speeds


  • This camera cannot connect to home WiFi
  • SD card not included

Tips for Buyer’s

Trying to get the most out of your hunting experience? If you’re looking for a new trail camera or just curious about what to expect from a trail camera, there are some important things to know. Watch Austin Delano video, he explained really good things for trail camera buyers, as well excellent tips:

The first and probably most obvious thing is that a trail cam will not capture everything. A lot of things people would want to see and get pictures of will not happen. The second thing is that if you do find something on your trail cam, you can’t be sure of what it is.

Personally, I have a few things I’d like to see on a trail cam. The first is a good lens. This could be an infrared flash or even a wide angle lens. This would be great in the fall when the foliage is so thick you can’t see much in the woods.

The second thing I’d like to have is a “snow” setting. I want to be able to see what’s on the trail cam in the winter when everything is white and still.

The last thing I’d like to have is a time lapse of something happening. Some cameras will do this by having a very short time lapse of 20 seconds or less, but I’d rather have a longer one so I can see how many animals are on the trail cam and if they’re moving.

Moving objects can be some of the best pictures you get. If you’re trying to capture something specific, like a deer, set the camera to take several pictures of it as it moves past. This will increase your chances of getting something closer to what you were looking for.

Check this guide incase if you want to maximize your battery life or looking to have rechargeable batteries for your trail cameras.

Final words

To conclude, the best trail cameras for under 100 dollars may not be the top of class, but they still offer great value for the money. The reliability of each camera was tested in various conditions and each one passed with flying colors. Whether you’re looking for a simple hunter’s camera or something with more features, these are all affordable little gems that can get the job done.

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